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Version: 1.5

Short description: A lightweight revive script.

Date: 2013-09-03 06:48

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Farooq's Revive [BETA]


A lightweight revive script.

  • Revive Modes. 0 = Only medics can revive, 1 = All units can revive, 2 = Same as 1 but a Medikit will be required. 0 is default.
  • Death messages. Teamkills are shown as "x was injured by y"
  • Ability to drag injured units (doesn't require a medic)
  • Suicide option which you can use to respawn (if it's enabled) or just to kill yourself
  • Bleedout. If a timeout is specified and you are not revived within the given time you will bleed out and die. (can be disabled by setting FAR_BleedOut to 0)

Installation / Usage:
Copy FAR_Revive folder into your mission folder. Add this to the top of your init.sqf:
call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "FAR_revive\FAR_revive_init.sqf";

Spectate with respawn disabled:
If you want to disable respawn and allow players to spectate, add "respawn=4;" to your description.ext.

Credits & Thanks:
* Drezzo for testing

Change log:
- [NEW] Unconscious units will not be able to use ACRE radio, hear other people or use proximity chat

- [NEW] Revive Modes. 0 = Only medics can revive, 1 = All units can revive, 2 = Same as 1 but a Medikit will be required
- [Fixed] Random black screens
- [Fixed] People dying randomly
- Code improvements

- Compatible with latest version of Arma 3
- Added Casual mode. If enabled, all units will be able to revive (not just medics)

- NEW Identifies medics without class names. You don't have to manually add class names anymore
- Added Bleedout
- Added Death Messages

- Fixed Revive not working for ADF medics
- Fixed Medic not detected when inside a vehicle

- Added Dragging
- Fixed Revive not working if you died in a vehicle

- Zero division error fixed

- Initial version

Known issues:
- Sometimes you can't move when you're dragging. It's an Arma 3 issue. You can fix that by pressing "C" to toggle pace.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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