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Version: 0.7

Short description: The guide is in plain English and assumes no prior mission editing knowledge.

Date: 2013-08-26 08:57

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sproyd's Simple Arma 3 Editor Guide [ALPHA]


I'm putting together a basic Editor Guide as I see a lot of people on these forums looking for something like this. Yes, there are other comprehensive (300pg) guides and videos out there but I thought I could add some value to beginners through my written English and presentation skills.

The guide is in plain English and assumes no prior knowledge - it will hopefully help a lot of people with a step-by-step guide on how to create basic missions which they can then on expand on by delving into the trove of detailed information available elsewhere.

After a few iterations we are now at version 0.5. I want to gauge interest and feedback on my writing and presentation style (from both English-speaking and non-native speakers) to see whether I am on the right track. All feedback is appreciated!

- featuring new additions including markers, briefings, random spawn points and other goodies.

- Now includes custom unit loadouts tutorial.

- no new content just a few spelling and grammatical fixes.

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