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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.51

Date: 2013-07-12 16:12

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Endless Survival


This mission revolves around surviving against endless waves of AI and even other players. The mission uses a dynamic spawning system to continuously hunt players down in an ever-changing battlefield. Currently the players are stuck in an never-ending battle between Blufor and Opfor, the players are simply thrown in the middle of the two factions.

• Endless Hell - Endless Survival (ES) can be set to either last indefinitely, or have a win condition, it’s up to you. A lot of ES is randomly generated, meaning with a little influence by you, the mission can create memories time and again.

• Advanced AI - Using the term “Advanced” lightly, the AI will always be hot on your trail, and try to take Centers of Interest (COI) for themselves, which generate Team Points. Team points are sometimes required to win, if the parameter is set as such, or can just be for bragging rights.

• Coop or PvP? - Why not both? Endless Survival provides a playground for you, your friends, and your server regulars to play together as a band fighters, or as multiple armies at each others’ throats.

• Black Market - A full Shop system enabling players to buy and sell gear, as well as buy vehicles and objects.

• Base Market - Similar to the Black Market, these personnel can be found at COI’s, and provide more basic services, such as weapons and fortifications. Players seeking the full Market should find Black Market Camps.

• Economy - ES is constantly honing its Economy with every update. With the advent of players being able to sell gear, some more economic savvy players can play the Markup and Resale, selling when the time is right, and buying when the time is cheap. Soon, players will also be able to transfer money to one another, which can be used to help fellow team mates, or broker deals with rival team leaders.

• INS Revive - ES also supports the INS Revive Suite, which enables UAV Recon, Squad Management, and the tweaking of Grass Level and View Distance for On Foot, In Vehicle, and In Aircraft. INS Revive settings can be set via parameters.

• Squad Management - Roll alone, or join a squad of fellow players. The Squad Management UI is provided by the INS.

• Dialogs*Dialogs*? - Dialogs. And lots of them! Because that makes a mission good, right? No, in seriousness, we’ve done our best to create smooth, clean, and simple interfaces that get the job done, and don’t make your eyes bleed. There are still some remnants of the INS Displays (Not saying they were eye bleeders, though some of the other dialogs I’ve seen...), for Settings, UAVs, Squad Management and such, but we’re slowly making a move to our own with time.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

-Side missions (There is currently one side-mission in the game, for testing purposes)
-PvP (I need to figure out how some technicalities...but having PvP should make the experience a lot more fun. Also let's the players have the experience of friendly AI)
-Capturable outposts (These outposts will supply the team with X amount of building materials to design/create a base for storing weapons and defending purposes
-Possible win conditions? (Not sure about this one. Maybe make this a CTI situation. Where players have to convert the entire island to their side KM by KM. We shall see)
-An economy perhaps? (I would use the economy so players could purchase buildings/barriers/base items to construct outposts)

Known issues:
•Bug: Magazine Script Doesn’t Recognize Grenade Launchers/Underbarrels.
•Bug: Mission Info Box needs a Scroll Bar, or alternative solution.
•Bug: UAV Recon in Toolbox doesn’t function.
•Bug: AI Capturing is not ideal yet - sometimes get stuck and etc.

- Money Transfer - It’s here at last! After a solid night’s run of work, the ability to Transfer funds between each other is here! This will add much needed freedom and room to breathe to the current Economy system, enabling players to help one another out, strike deals, trade, and anything else within your imagination.
- ES AI System - ES uses a custom AI system, which has been crafted from the ground up by Dominic. ES AI has recently been revamped, while this change was actually pushed out as a revision to V0.50, it is getting documented here. Also, being the perfectionist he is, this System will always be seeing optimizations and changes.
- Buy Equipment script had no check of the player's current available space. Fixed, and now notifies players if they don't have enough room to buy the current item.
- UAV Recon Button in the Settings Dialog was non-functional. Now working, and action removed from actionmenu.

- Added another side mission

- Fixed a few minor bugs
- Attempted stabilization for missions running longer than 12 hours :|
- Apparently the AI went hack mode, turned them down a bit.

- Added Blufor and Opfor sides to begin testing PvP. Did some basic testing - seemed a lot more fun
- Added better scalars for the # of AI and lowered the default spawning number.
- Made the server refresh the AI every 30 minutes. Attempt to nix a bug with long-duration games.

Credits & thanks:
General help over the years/being awesome - Craig / Bob-Tom
Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.81 for Arma 3 - Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS]
Loot creation scripts - Ed!, [GoT] JoSchaap & [404] Deadbeat & AgentRev
R3F Revive - madbull
Insurgency dead camera- pogoman, Fireball, Kol9yN
Virtual Ammobox System v0.9 & TAW View Distance Dialog - Tonic
Loadout functions & get_loadout 2.6 & set_loadout 3.4 - aeroson
Personal UAV - Thomas Ryan & Rarek
Domination vehicle repair script, squad management script - Xeno
Team Killer Lock system v2 - Murcielago
Fixed Range Nightvision add-on 0.7 - sholio
Additional Mission Settings 1.1 - Sinky
INS revive script (based on R3F_revive) v0.1.7 - naong
I'm sure I missed some...I will update as needed

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