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Version: 2.0

Short description: This mission was designed for weapon training and testing/debug any weapons and vehicles.

Date: 2013-06-23 06:39

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Proving Ground for ArmA 3


This mission was designed for weapon training and testing/debug any weapons and vehicles.

It is a port of the training/debug mission for ArmA2.

Features (from Arma 2 version):
  • Custom interface to create any existing in vehCfg vehicle.
  • Custom interface to get any existing in weaponCfg weapon and compatible magazines.
  • Also it shows classes of any found vehicles, units, weapons, magazines and items. Could be useful for mapmakers.
  • Interface to create any target. Script will automatically replace dead targets and targets with dead / without crew. Here is 4 target modes
    1. Static land: targets in front at player at designated distance.
    2. Random land: targets will be spawned in front of core at random distance and will be moved with random speed. Distance and speed can be adjusted through target interface.
    3. AI land: targets will move on waypoints. Waypoints can be adjusted.
    4. AI air: by default air targets will fly around core. Waypoints also can be adjusted.
  • Simple SQF console with history.
  • Integrated HJ configExplorer.
  • Tool to play and get class of any existing in cfgSounds sound.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Known issues:
  • Create vehicle. There is two options - create vehicle at core (helipad) and create vehicle front of player.
  • Get weapon. Give to player any weapon, magazine or item.
  • Targets. Target management.
  • Realign core. Core will be moved at current player position.
  • Delete vehicle. This command will delete vehicle/unit that player looking for.
  • Get bot in team. Command will create man in your team. For example if you need gunner for chopper.
  • Statistics. Proving ground will collect information about shots, kills, hits and calculate accuracy. Check yourself =)
  • Close. It is.
  • Autoheal. Player and player's vehicle will be constantly healed.
  • Booster. For 10 second by pressing E you can immediately increase speed by 30km/h. Could be useful while you moving in tank to mountain.
  • Teleport. Press this button and after it click on target place on map to teleport.
  • Sattelite. Press this button and click on target place on map to aim sattelite camera.
  • Bulletcam. It is.
  • Hitmarker. Where player's bulled will hit something will be plased red marker on map.
  • Status display. Toggle hint-like status window that shows class, damage and crew status of cursortarget. By default on.
  • Console. Press enter to execute command, double click on command in history to past it to editbox.
  • Righter is shortcuts to call additional features.

  • Changelog:
    [!] Compatible with beta
    [!] Fixed weapon filters
    [+] Add 2 new filter for wear and weapon attachment
    [+] Wear can be weared, weapon attachment can be added to inventory
    [!] Fixed vehicle filters
    [!] Fixed MP commnds in console
    [!] Proving Ground again available as addon

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