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Version: 1.01

Short description: Will replace weapon/vehicle/class names in your Alpha made missions to work in Beta

Date: 2013-06-24 11:05

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Arma 3 Alpha to Beta Mission Converter


This small application will read .sqm mission files made in the Alpha version of Arma 3, look for and replace names for vehicles, classes, and weapons that changed in the Beta release of Arma 3. Changes are made using the supplied ChangeText.txt file. This will only convert .sqm mission files.

  • Super easy to use!
  • No searching and replacing or messing up your mission files.
  • Very fast

  • Installation:
    Click on the “setup.exe” and you will be asked to install the application.
    Once installed, the application will run automatically.
    Setup.exe may also install Microsoft .netframe. It is needed for the visual basic application to run.

    Included files:
    Setup.exe – used to install the application
    ARMA3_ALPHA_TO_BETA.application – the visual basic code for the application
    Application Files (folder) – used by visual basic to make everything work
    ChangeText.txt – text file of all the name changes needed to convert from Alpha to Beta
    Readme – this file

    1) When the main window is displayed, click the “Select Mission File” button and select the Arma 3 Alpha mission you want to convert.
    2) Now click the “Select Change Text File” button and locate the ChangeText.txt file supplied with the install.
    3) For large missions it is recommended you click the “Turn off screen updating” box. This runs the conversion without updating the progress and speeds up the time it takes significantly.
    4) Click the “Execute!” button and the application starts the conversion.
    5) A message window will pop up letting you know when process is complete!

    The ChangeText.txt file is what makes this converter work – thank you to Beerkan who put together this excellent list of changes!

    The Change Text File can be updated whenever new changes are discovered. Running the converter on a mission that you have already run through the converter should have no ill effects as it compares only the entire name and does not look for an occurrence within the name.

    Normal find-and-replace methods can cause havoc because they look for an occurrence of text with no regard to whether it is a complete match. Example: notepad search and replace will replace the “be” in “between” when really you only wanted it to replace occurrences of just “be”.

    My method looks at the entire name only, so you won’t have this problem if you run a mission through the converter more than once. But be smart and make a backup of the mission first!

    Credits & Thanks:
    Change Text file supplied by Beerkan.
    Beerkan put a huge amount of work into researching all of these changes – without his efforts this little app wouldn’t even exist! Thank you!

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    - BI forums

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