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Version: 0.14 RC1

Short description: In this script you can find 2 scripts, a lift and a cargo script.

Date: 2013-08-20 13:19

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=BTC= Logistic [BETA]


In this script pack you can find two useful scripts:
  • =BTC= Lift
  • =BTC= Cargo System

- easy to config (=BTC=_Logistic_Init.sqf)
- hud helps you to lift objects
- static objects fall on the ground

Installation / Usage:
To fast rope:
Make the chopper be stable between BTC_fast_rope_h and BTC_fast_rope_h_min, then the pilot (player) can deploy ropes, and the others players in the cargo can fast rope.

Copy "=BTC=_Logistic" folder in your mission folder.
Add in the init.sqf:
_logistic = execVM "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Logistic_Init.sqf";
Add in the description.ext:
class RscPicture 
type = CT_STATIC;
idc = -1;
style = 48;
colorBackground[] = {0, 0, 0, 0};
colorText[] = {1, 1, 1, 1};
font = "PuristaMedium"; //Typeface
sizeEx = 0;
class RscTitles 
#include "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Lift\=BTC=_Hud.h"
However a demo mission is included.


Arma 2 video!

Known issues:
- Only the lift is available at the moment

Keep in mind that the game is changing day by day and some updates may breack the script.
The helicopters configuration is just a place holder, modify it to fit with your gameplay style!
The script is still in BETA. Contact me for bug reporting.

Credits and Thanks:
My clan = BlackTemplarsClan =

v0.14 RC1
- Improved air drop function to avoid collision with chopper
- Improved HUD for lifting (added distance between cargo and ground)

- Added pip camera for choppers
- Respawn problems should be fixed
- Small fixes

First Arma 3 beta release

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- BI forums

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