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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2009-06-04 11:20

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AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack w/ replacement

20 Weapons with realistic desert camo.
The download comes with a replacement file to replace the default weapons with these new ones.

Always use modfolders to install custom addons.
If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

The AMP_Effects.pbo add physics to the cartridges,like SLX and ACE did, you can choose to not use it though,and if you use it and use both packs,only one AMP_Effects.pbo is needed (quite obvious no?!).

Included files:

This is a signed addon, the serverkey is included in this download.

You can find all the Weapons in the editor under > Empty > Ammo > AimPoint Desert Weapons.


Low-res (old version):

High-res (old version):
Armaholic streaming video section

Known issues:
The alpha channel problem with parallax effect still there,I decided to keep the feature anyway.

- Animated model parts, bolt, trigger etc
- Desert texture reworks
- One more rifle added (GL SD Eotech)
- Normal/Specular Maps and materials improved
- Various little models optimization
- Added a standalone pbo with custom casing effect (thanks Solus,Paragraphic and SLX Mod)
- M68 first LOD partially remodeleded
- And many others things I forgot

-New weapons with Eotech sight and Crane stock (much thanks to DaSquade for that)
-Various improvements
-More realistic Aimpoint and Eotech behavior
-Custon magazines (no more stachels;-)
-Bug fix and more

- Six new weapons M4A1CQB , M4A1CBQSD , M4A1SD GL Acog , M4A1GL Ironsight , M249 with Acog optic and SPR silenced.
- New ammo type for the SPR silenced (300 Whisper 125gr 8.1g 640 m/s).
- Texture improved..some at least.
- Materials improved.
- Config improved,now all the weapons are compatible with custom sound mods.
- SPR SD Sight Adjustament compatible.
- M107 with tree differens type of ammo and custom inventory pics.
- M17 Tracer (Tracer Ball)
- Mk211 Mod 0 HEIAP (High Explosive Incendiary Armour Percing).
- Mk300 Mod 0 HEIAPT (Same as above but with Tracer Ball too).
- M107 zoomable optic.
- Addon Signed.

- First release

Credits & Thanks:
Texture: Aimpoint.
Models: AimPoint.
Config: AimPoint & Solo
Replacement files and Demo missions: Solo
DaSquade: Huge thanks for his Crane and Eotech model.
Mark XIII: outstanding work with sounds/AMP dedicate sound packs,thanks mate.
bugkill: for his nice reference pictures.
NonWonderDog: optic models.
andersson: custom magazines ispirer.
custom casing effect & model.cfg: (thanks Solus,Paragraphic and SLX Mod).
Synide: models
BIS: Arma

Sorry if I forget someone.

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- BI forums

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