AimPoint Desert and Black Weapons Packs released
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AimPoint has, after a long time of no news, updated his AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack and released the new AimPoint Black Weapons Pack on the BIS forums.

Quote AimPoint :
20 Weapons with realistic desert camo.
Changes in AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack 1.3:
    - Animated model parts, bolt, trigger etc
    - Desert texture reworks
    - One more rifle added (GL SD Eotech)
    - Normal/Specular Maps and materials improved
    - Various little models optimization
    - Added a standalone pbo with custom casing effect (thanks Solus,Paragraphic and SLX Mod)
    - M68 first LOD partially remodeleded
    - And many others things I forgot
Now a little bonus for you guys.
The AimPoint Black Weapons Pack addon will provide you with 20 Weapons in black version, with improved models, texture and materials.

The AMP_Effects.pbo add physics to the cartridges, like SLX and ACE did, you can choose to not use it though, and if you use it and use both packs, only one AMP_Effects.pbo is needed.

Written on 2009-06-04 11:50 by Foxhound  

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