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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 6.5

Short description: With this script you can make a HALO jump where you want.

Date: 2015-12-28 17:39

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=ATM= Airdrop


With this script you can make a HALO jump where you want, just open the addaction "HALO Jump" and click where you want on map. You are paradrop at your selected altitude, You don't need to take a Steerable parachute before. The script gives you one.

Installation / Usage:
Just put the folder ATM_airdrop and the file Stringtable.xml in your mission folder.
In the description.ext file of your mission add this line:
#include "ATM_airdrop\dialog.hpp"
class CfgSounds
   sounds[] = {Vent,Vent2,Para};

	class Vent {name="Vent";sound[]={ATM_airdrop\data\Vent.ogg,db-11,1.0};titles[] = {};};
	class Vent2 {name="Vent2";sound[]={ATM_airdrop\data\Vent2.ogg,db-11,1.0};titles[] = {};};
	class Para {name="Para";sound[]={ATM_airdrop\data\parachute.ogg,db-11,1.0};titles[] = {};};

In your mission editor
Put a flag pole on map and add this line in the Init:
this addAction["<t color='#ff9900'>HALO jump</t>", "ATM_airdrop\atm_airdrop.sqf"]
To Cut the Rope : Press your selected key when you open your parachute

Known issues:
When you cut-away you lost your front pack

Credits & Thanks:
Aeroson for my first version of loadout
Lynx75 for is help
Hajimoto [ECWC] for the translate and beta test
Sc0rc3d and KevsnoTrev for the "chemlight on Soldier" script.

- Fixed some errors
- Remove the automatically open Parachute at 150m
- Updated the stringtables.xml

- Fixed some error in script
- automatically deploy your parachute at 150m

- You can put a IR strobe on your shoulder

- Remove the 3D sounds, you need to put this lines in your description.ext

- Remove some lines in your description.ext
- Your backpack come front of you now (more immersive)
- New sounds
- No default key to cut-away
- When you die in the air your loadout comeback (normally)

- Work on the game release
- The Higher Altitude is now 20000m
- You have a special helmet only if you jump higher 8000m.

- New sound when you cut-Away
- Code improvement
- New code in the description.ext
- Removed some code from the init.sqf

- Your can select your Key for cut Away. FR keyboard ans US keyboard
- A sound of wind when you jump.
- I fix the issue with ACRE.
- I make my own loadout script.
- All of the text are now in Stringtable file.
- The Cut Away action has been limited to a single use.
- The minimum Altitude is now 500m.
- You have a special helmet only if you jump higher 5000m.

- Your can select your Altitude

- Your backpack don't stay on the ground when you jump.

- Now you can Cut the rope with the key "C" when you open your parachute and go in free fall with new parachute and your chemlight.

- Fixed error to come up when boots touch the ground. Thanks to Hajimoto for report

- Now you can add a Chemlight on you. (thx to : Sc0rc3d and KevsnoTrev for the "chemlight on Soldier" script)

- I fix the problem "this doesn't appear to work correctly in multiplayer for anyone other than the host. " report by Doln thx to him. Now it's fully work

- Now when you landing your loadout come back exactly as before the jump

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