Author: Rockhount
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Version: 1.0.4

Short description: A tool to convert strings in many different text files.

Date: 2013-07-04 22:27

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ArmA String Converter [BETA]


Six days after Dingo-J's published his tool "Arma 3 Alpha to Beta Mission Converter", I saw it on armaholic and discovered, that it can only change one file at the same time. After a few hours of programming, I had my own advanced program for a larger purpose. Because "ArmA String Converter" can be used for every ArmA/OFP text file (txt, hpp, htm, html, sqs, sqf, fsm, bifsm, sqm, cpp, xml, bikb) and it can automatically change every text file, if you select a folder instead of a file.

- Easy to use.
- Super fast. (up to 480000 changes per second)
- Open Source!
- Support for Beerkan's & Dingo-J's "ChangeText" file.

Installation / Usage:
Run the exe file.

Choose a file or folder
Select Beerkan’s "ChangeText" file or write directly the old and new string into the boxes
Choose the case-sensitive parameter, if you want
Push the “Convert” button to start the process

With Case-sensitive:
- One file: ~480000 Changes per second.
- Multiple files: ~434000 Changes per second.

Without Case-Sensitive:
- One file: ~323000 Changes per second.
- Multiple files: ~252000 Changes per second.

Supported languages:
- English
- German

Credits & Thanks:
Change Text file supplied by Beerkan.


-Added: Option to replace whole words only

- Fixed: Wrong Translation
- Fixed: Reset of the MessageBox
- Fixed: Waste of memory for the file collection
- Added: Download function for Beerkan's "ChangeText" file
- Changed: Shortcut name
- Changed: File filter (app -> xml)

- Fixed: Error message for the import of Beerkan's "ChangeText" file
- Fixed: Double path access error messages
- Added: Horizontal scrollbar for MessageBox
- Added: New shortcut to Beerkan's ChangeText
- Added: Error capature into the translate method
- Added: More conditions to catch possible import errors for Beerkan's "ChangeText" file
- Changed: Parameter type of "ConvertString" method
- Removed: Beerkan's "ChangeText" file

- Fixed: Case-sensitiv bug
- Fixed: Application name
- Fixed: Waste of memory for Stopwatch timer
- Replaced: "string" with "text"
- Replaced: "Choose" with "Select"
- Added: Beerkan's "ChangeText" file

- .NET Framework 2.0 (included since Windows XP)

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