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Version: 0.9
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Date: 2007-09-30 10:04

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This mod,the first phase of our upcoming AI modifications, will adjust only AI spotting distance and engagement ranges. We were both fed up with the fact that the AI would not engage us (or even see us for that matter) at ranges where we could easily spot, identify, and engage them. We are shooting for realism, and trying to make AI engagement ranges much closer to those of human players.

So, now you have AI that will spot movement much farther away, and become aware of an unknown presence, "Man". As the unknown presence gets closer, they can identify it as friend or foe (this identification is easier with long distance optics or when taking fire). As well as AI that will engage you from 500+ meters away, just as us human players would. Firefights now can last a VERY long time.

Durg and I have spent a lot of time on this mod – some research, but A LOT of testing. Since this is a Beta release, we ask for input from you, the community. Let us know of bugs/problems/suggestions.

- AI that will spot a man from 550m-800m and identify as a specific unit from 250m-350m.

- AI that will hear gunfire from 1000+ meters away.

- AA units will now engage Jets. (In default ArmA, AI AA soldiers would not fire at Jets, only Helicopters. TrueRangeAI resolves this issue.)

Install into your Arma/Addons folder the pbo(s). Anyways advices to use a mod folder for custom addons. For an extensive explanation of hot do make/use modfolders please have a look at our FAQ.

Included files:
TrueRangeAI_Beta v0.9.pbo
TrueRangeAI_Beta v0.9.pbo.truerangeai_beta.bisign
TrueRangeAI_Beta v0.9.bikey


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High res

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-This mod does not change AI at short ranges, only lengthens their spotting and engagement ranges. So, you will still have the same engagement in close quarter areas, but now when much farther apart, the game is quite different. AI will engage at 500+ meters.

- Firefights are changed dramatically with this mod. AI movement is much slower, due to them keeping an eye on a threat or possible threat, which in turn slows down actual game play. So, a firefight between 2 squads can last minutes instead of seconds depending on how far apart.

- It is also much more important to use cover and make a cautious approach. If you are not careful, you give the AI the upper hand and they will have a greater chance of tearing you down before you can.

- You can control how far you want AI to spot and engage you via the skill slider in the mission/editor.

- Skill slider from MIN-MAX can be the difference of:
    - 550m-800m identified as a "Man"
    - 250m-350m specific identification (friendly or foe)
Known issues:
1) Since there is no way to effect AI spotting with camouflage and environment, AI will spot the same in a desert or grassy environment. Sadly, there seems to be nothing we can do about this, other then trying to find some kind of balance even though this is not ideal.

If something can be done by BIS, like assigning each unit a camouflage value for each type of texture (grass, desert, stone, ect..) a unit is near, this issue can be much better resolved.

2) AI under your command don't like to listen to you sometimes. I believe this is due to the fact that they have spotted someone that they consider an immediate threat. When this is the case, they may not always follow your orders and will instead keep the target in sight.
    Ex.1 - You tell an AI to hold fire, but they are consider an enemy to be an immediate threat, so you order is overridden.

    Ex.2 – An AI under your command is targeting an enemy, but he won't follow you orders to move to a point. He won't move until he no longer feels threatened.
    This has always been a part of the game, but is more noticeable with the longer engagement/spotting distances.

    3) AI lack a conservation of ammo. We adjusted rate of fire to prolong firefights and lower loss of ammo, but this is just a temporary fix. This issue will hopefully be resolved in a later mod.

Effects to bushes?
This mod does not effect AI sight through bushes. AI will still have the same sight through trees and bushes as they always have. It does not make sense to lower AI spotting ranges just because they can see though more vegetation then you do. This issue however will be resolved sometime in the future. Enough said.

Effects on Fog/Rain?
Fog does effect AI's sight, so our mod should not give them any advantages over you.

MP Compatibility?
If used on a server, this mod controls all AI except for AI that is under the control of a client. If the client has a squad under his command and is not running the mod, his AI will be the default ArmA AI, and the client will be at a disadvantage. If the server is NOT running the mod and the client is, only the clients AI will be effected by the mod and the all other AI on the server will be default ArmA AI, resulting in a cheating client.

SERVER ADMINS - Please block/require this mod as needed to ensure fair game play.

Future Plans For TrueRangeAI:
- Test and tweak infantry > vehicle, armor and air spotting and identification ranges.

- Resolve issue of infantry not engaging helicopters with small arms. Fix, test, and tweak this area.

– May cause damage to your ego.

- This mod does not cater to individuals that want a huge upper hand on AI. The initial goal is to have AI with the same abilities as you do, the human player (1:1 ratio so to speak). If you can shoot and kill an AI at 500+ meters, so can they. That is the point. If you want to tone down the AI a bit, simply turn down the AI skill (slider) in the editor/mission. You have been warned!

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