Author: jdanek
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Version: 1.8 beta

Short description: Easily make crate scripts for Arma 3with this simple java application.

Date: 2013-11-13 23:02

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Ammo Crate Utility

Jonathan Danek

Ammo Crate Utility is a simple java application that you can use to make crate sqf scripts to add weapons, items,and equipment to crates without even touching a peice of code!

Installation / Usage:
1. Drag the folder named "Ammo Crate Util" to your desktop
2. Double Click Ammo Crate Utility.jar
3. Select the Weapons/Ammo/Items/Equipment you want and click "Add to Crate" then click "Compile"
4. Select the number of Weapons/Ammo/Magazines and click "Generate Script"
5. The program will generate a .SQF script and put it on your desktop
6. Play arma with the time you saved

Why isn't the application launching?
  • Answer-You moved it out of the folder, the resource.txt file needs to be in the same folder as that of the application.
  • Answer-You do not have Java 1.7 installed, Goto to download it.

Credits & Thanks:
Developed By: Jonathan Danek
Special Thanks to: DuhMedic

- Respawn feature bug fix
- Added all new guns, mags, and items from arma

- Double click item to add to crate
- New Respawn feature allows your crate to respawn after desired time
- Erases text when you click on search bar

- Fixes issue when adding rangefinder, binoculars, or laser designator to a crate

- Fixed NewLine Bug on .sqf File
- Adds Menu Bar with the following items
- Add Custom Item
- Donate
- Developer's Website
- About
- Doesn't close program when closing "Choose Amount" window and new "Add Custom Class"
- Allows adding of custom weapons and items
- Few Minor Performance Fixes

- Inital Launch

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Java 1.7

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