Coop mission : Static Loop by MeatballCB updated

MeatballCB released a new version of this mission in our forums.

  • Tested and working with Arma III Official v 1.04.11668
  • BI changed the amount of damage that towers can take. Instead of all towers taking 1 explosive charge to destroy, larger towers now take 3-4 explosive charges and smaller towers take 2-3 charges to knock down. Added lot's of extra ammo/explosive crates to the map to compensate.
  • Weather and Time of day are now set to "Random" by default. They can be changed with the Parameters available at mission start.
  • Tweaked weather script. Appears to be working correctly, but is still a work in progress.
  • Removed SLP Spawn as it was not working properly.

Written on 2013-11-01 07:49 by MeatballCB  

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