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Date: 2007-10-06 08:39

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OFPEC: Mission Tutorial - Part 1
Cheetah and the Editors Depot crew

This tutorial touches on almost all the different aspects of building a mission! This tutorial is definitely a must read for the new comer to Armed Assault, and also a nice refresher those who are even experienced mission makers!

The Mission Tutorial Part 1 should give newcomers to Armed Assault plenty of knowledge to start developing missions. With detailed information about triggers,waypoints, units and scripts, using the editor will become your second nature. Adding a briefing, overview and implementing the stringtable is explained too, in order to give you even more options to improve your mission. Not only will this tutorial be your guide, it will lead to the development of a mission! Downloading this mission will help you learn and understand what is explained in the tutorial, there may even be some tips and tricks inside for veteran mission authors.

Future plans:
There are far more options available to mission authors as those handled in Part 1, like adding music and cutscenes to your mission. Chapters concerning these mission making elements will be added in future updates to improve your missions even further. It is still unsure if these additional chapters will be added as Part 2 or chapter-by-chapter. Expect an announcement on OFPEC.comonce they are available.

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