TMR Modular Realism by Taosenai updated
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Taosenai released an updated version of his Tao Modular Realism modification on the BI forums.

    Quote Taosenai :
    TMR is a modular, open-source modification for Arma 3 aimed at increasing realism and complexity without sacrificing engaging gameplay and accessibility. Currently it includes only a small number of features, but more are being developed. TMR is meant to be used in all environments: single player, multiplayer co-op, team vs. team, even open-world scenarios.

    I am the king of rapid updates for stupid bugs, but at least I get some little new feature in each time.
    Thanks to AW-Conroy for reporting the autorest directionality bug, which was the thoughtless result of an overenthusiastic last-minute optimization (which saved 0.06 ms!).

    Quick barely-tested release to get some of these major issues sorted out. (By putting alpha at the end I allow myself to do this!)
    There is also a CSO build for 0.5alpha3, though I have not had a chance to test it at all.

    • Requires CBA RC3.
    • Changed: ai - Machine gun bursts are shorter to better reflect a 6-9 round length. More adjustments are needed.
    • Fixed: ai - TAR-21 now has correct firing modes.
    • Fixed: hiteffects - Hilarious falldown slide when hit in a vehicle or turret removed.
    • Added: hiteffects - Will disable the TMR falldown when tpwfall is loaded and enabled.

Written on 2014-07-24 22:39 by Taosenai  

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