SQL-Life by Linnet updated

Linnet submitted an updated version of his SQL-Life stat save using Arma2Net and Arma2MySQL.

    Quote Linnet :
    Hello there arma community, I've been working on a stat saver for life missions using Arma2Net (ScottNZ) & Arma2MySQL (Firefly2442), thanks to them for creating such awesome additions to the arma community!
    Before I go any further I'd just like to say that the latest version has not yet been tested with a full server, so far only with 25-30 people however it worked rather well then. So if you are intrested in implementing this it might contain bugs, exploits or may not even work at all!

    • Saves your inventory, bank account, licenses, streetrep
    • Comes with a premade loading screen & dialog for stat saving.
    • Save one car of your choice and puts it back in the impound lot after a restart.

    • Extreme code cleanup.
    • Reworked two-dimensional arrays.
    • Removed Vehicle save temprorarily.
    • Renamed Functions.
    • Updated SQL to run procedures instead of raw commands. (IMPORTANT THAT YOU UPDATE YOUR SQL DATABASE!)
    • Database has been improved to be the proper variable types such as Int and Double.
    • Documentation added!
    • Changed the way to initalize it, see the new installation instructions.

Written on 2014-06-23 09:32 by Linnet  

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