Author: [G.I.D] Lynx
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Version: 1.31

Short description: This script provides a userfriendly precise 3D object placement tool based on the BIS Splendid camera.

Date: 2014-02-06 08:11

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GID - Object Positioning System

[G.I.D] Lynx

I've made a script to place very precisely all placable object with 3D view feature.
I use it for mission design in my team (GID). I think its time for a first public release for the benefit of this great community.
All mission designers know about time consuming with precise object placement.

This script provides a userfriendly precise 3D object placement tool based on the BIS Splendid camera.
This is a usefull tool for confirmed mission designer.

- Objects list not hard coded (CfgVehicles config explorer with scope > 0)
- creation/deletion
- translation/rotation with increment options (0.001m - 10m, 0.001° to 10°)
- save created object in a script called on server side when you want
- Pitch/Bank Rotation
- ATL/ASL coordinates system
- Object Filter
- Log object charracteristics in RPT
- Surface/Submarine object placement

Installation / Usage:
1 - Put the LxOPS directory inside your mission
2 - declare #include "LxOPS\lxOPS_dlg.hpp" in your description.ext
3 - create an empty script
5 - create a repeatedly radio trigger with the following activation code : nul = [] execVM "LxOPS\lxOPS.sqf";
4 - play with the object positioning system (radio menu 0-0-1) - press copy button for the locked object - paste the code stuff in your script (ctrl + V) - unlock object and create new one
5 - call your script at the beginning of the mission (server side)
6 - When you ve finished, Suppress the line #include "LxOPS\lxOPS_dlg.hpp" from your description.ext
and delete LxOPS directory from your mission

The script provides means to create/delete/translate/rotate all placable objects in 3D view by exploring the CfgVehicles.
Press New object to create a new object, lock it with the Lock button. You can change its class by clicking in the list.
The list is all your CfgVehicles with scope > 0, so becarefull, there is some objects not placeable.
Try to use is with Land_... or vehicles (at the end of the list).
Do not use it for IA spawn. Use BIS function instead.

When an object is locked, you can translate and rotate it. Choose the increment you want in the combobox.
Press the copy button to copy all the code stuff required to spawn the object.
Go to your spawn script (in the mission demo its initBuildings.sqf) and press ctrl+v at the end of the file to write the code.
Go back to the preview (press alt to switch the Splendide camera speed), unlock the object and play again

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive for Arma 3
Karel Moricky (BIS) author of the BIS splendid camera
Thanks to Killzone_Kid for giving the tips

- Fix the float to string altitude conversion for ATL coordinates

- Changed : conversion of position to string with high precision (5DM)

- Add new combo box to enable/disable object simulation
- Changed log button to log required code in RPT
- Changed updated GUI Resources

- Pitch/Bank feature
- UI improvment
- Surface/Submarine object placement
- Add log button to write object characteristic in RPT
- Add filter combobox
- Add ASL/ATL switch coordinates system
- Add Reset button for horizontality, normal surface, ATL level, ASL level
- Code improvment

- First release. Only objects on ground.
- There is a correlation between Splendid Camera and Vehicles list when you use the scroll bar of the list, use scroll mouse instead.
- Dont forget to press alt when you switch from preview and desktop to paste the code, because of alt+tab, switch the camera speed.

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- BI forums

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