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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta 0.75

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Date: 2007-10-12 06:03

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Fight For Nogova (FFN) Mod

FFN Means Fight For Nogova, it's single player Campaign will base on a story about some mercenaries who come from Nogova.

Copy the missions folder content to your ArmA\Missions folder.

Copy the pbo files in the Addons folder to your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

- addons\
    TR_OBJ.pbo FFN MOD required addons
    TR_CAM.pbo Extended camera tool addon for taking screenshot
- missions\
    A1.Sara.pbo FFN MOD test mission1(Time Bomb),show the AI combat ability in woods.
    A2.intro.pbo FFN MOD test mission2(Clear Sweep III),show the CQB ability of AI.
    A3.Sara.pbo FFN MOD test mission3(Under Fire),show Mercenary Mode of furtune new MP mode.
- screenshots\
    FN MOD's screenshots,show the details,almost included every features in this beta version.
1.More realistic AI engage range,them may start shooting fro distance. however,there are too many features,let's talk about them base on soldiers, these features are mostly tested work well in single-player mode or even multi-player mode(Of course,we still need more test).

Every type of soldier have his own setting.and only officer and crew can drive tank,only officer and pilot can drive plane.

    - Soldier - Basic combat unit, Knows "dodge from danger",the USMC Soldier equip with "one used M136 launcher",SLA Soldier equip "smoke shell" and would automatically throw them in battlefield.
      \ Dodge from danger - Once under fire,the soldier knows dodge left and right for aviod incoming bullet.
      \ One used M136 launcher - Now,for realisc,M136 launcher is one used,once fired,Soldier will drop the launcher.
      \ Smoke shell - When underfire,Soldier'll establish a smoke wall with these smoke shells.
      \ Smoke shell Red- When thrown,an fire support requirement will send,all nearby firendly unit will fire at your target.
      \ Smoke shell Green- When thrown,an artillery support requirement will send to your HQ,if your side has artillery then an artillery strike will come in soon.
    - Grenadier - use Grenadier more offen.

    - MachineGunner - Knows use suppressing fire tactic.
      \ Suppressing fire - when engage enemy, MachineGunner'll automatically suppressing fire,once lock the target,he will keep shooting,even enemy stay behind cover,those who be suppressed will pinned down and stun for a while,if player or Spec Op be suppressed them may not stun,but fear,fear means his hands will shivering and hard to aim,but this won't last for long.
    - Medic - he can only heal the light wound,but he'll automatically carry badly wound soldier back to nearby MASH.
      \ New wound system - Once hurt soldier may bleeding,he can use your First Aid ability to stop bleeding, AI will automatically first aid when area clear, if soldier taken too much hit he may unconscious,unconscious is not dead, unconscious soldier looks the same as dead man(you can still use the trigger "Anybody,not present" as well, because these unconscious soldier will not belong to his Original side) but still can be turned,medic will automatically take him to nearby MASH(you need to place it from <TR-Support/MASH(USMC)/MASH(SLA)/MASH(RACS)>). the friendly medic maybe willing to do this too(if RACS friendly to West,the RACS medic will help West wound soldier),when in MASH,wound soldier will recover slowly,when he recover he'll automatically return to his squad.
      \ The damage taken - Now soldier won't die so easily,he can take more damage from hands and legs,before unconscious I mean.
    - Engineer - he can automatically deactivate enemy mine nearby,and can also repair light vehicle,when he has "Materials"(you can add it by <this addweapon"TR_backpack">), he can build a small sandbag fortress.player can order Engineer "Deploy Mines",once active,the Engineer will automatically deploy all his mine around.

    - Spec Op - he can use some special grenade,like flash grenade and tear gas grenade,AI knows use them automatically,and these grenade can affect both AI and player. Spec Op also have CQB ability
      \ CQB - If you are commander, you only need to say "ALL danger!", then they'll know how to deal with the situation in order to advance & to keep moving, in "stealth" mode they'll use take good cover first and lying when needed, they know how to lean & roll as well.they know how to hit and run,when advancing,they may run as "Z" to avoid incoming sniper shot, seeking cover when under attack,dodge from danger.with new animation,
      \ Flash grenade - once thrown,it will affect those who in 15Metes radius,if you see the flash in this range you will blind and shock for a while(but if you turn your back on the flash,you'll be OK)
      \ Tear Gas grenade - once thrown,a gas cloud will appear,every one come in into this cloud will shock,it's good to force enemy come out from house or block a road.
    - Officer - he can call artillery strikes by using designator(He already has one when mission start,but you need place Artillery first from <TR-Support/M119/D30>).Officer can set up defensive position,if he has "Materials" (TR_backpack)he can build a sandbag wall with his soldier in the city or build some foxholes in the open ground.this make infantry squad more tough.
      \ Artillery System - after place Artillery on the ground(please don't place it in high-ground such as hill, mountains.this is for balance ) you can call them with "designator",you can select fired mode there like "Repload Artillery Strike/Repload Artillery Suppress" two style in you action menu.
      \ Build Defense -you can select "Build Defense"/"Build Roadblock" in the action menu if you have "Materials",this "Materials" is one used,and a single squad can only have only one "Materials" at one time,when active,you squad will automatically stand in line and build a defense infront of him one by one,and these defense will be connected together too,in the open ground you can only build foxholes,but you can build sandbags in the City.this both work on player squad and AI squad,when in cover,Soldier will stay behind cover(he knows dodge with cover too,and automatically reammo and heal,the most important thing is after he reammoed and healed he knows back to his position) until the Officer cancel the order or squad Morale drop too low.
      \ Morale system,base one ArmA setting,but suppressing fire,officer nearby etc.would affect morale.
    - Team Leader - he can call full squad's suppressive fire with his "Tacical Binocular",once selected target,his whole squad will suppressing the given target.

    - Sniper - now,they are equip with Machine Pistol,and small backpack(mean he can't carry too many items),but he can spot enemy from very long distance(400M~1000M)

    - Crew - Crew can repair wheel and Tracked per vehicle once.

2.FFN MOD new single-player/multi-player game mode,<Mercenary Mode> and <Tactical Mode>

Mercenary Mode is more like multi-player campaign as a Role-Play-Game,there will be many RPG features in this mode,and also realistic style combat missions,join a mercenary group and select your mission,the test Mission 3 will show part of it.I'll release it in later Version

mercenary have four different classes (Ranger/Rogue/Fighter/Barbarian),every class has it own ability

Ranger class is good at Sniper Rifles,so when he using light and medium sniper rifle he will received attack bonus(less dispersion and make more damage),but will still have weapon dispersion in another weapons,when level up he'll got more basic attack bonus which make his aim-precision lower.his first aid ability is not lower than another classes but he can also set defense like Army Officers and order his soldier dodge from danger.Ranger can't equip heavy weapon,can drive tank.

Rogue class is good at light weapon like SMGs,Carbines,and also good at first aid.he can use artillery designator and many special weapons,he will give his soldier CQB ability too.Rogue can't equip heavy weapon,can drive plane.

Fighter class is good at launchers,even he is not very good at first aid, but he can set roadblock and order his soldier build smoke wall,Fighter can't equip pistol,can drive tank.

Barbarian class is good at machineguns, he can suppress enemy soldiers,even enemy player and he is very good at first aid, and he can order all his soldier suppress a single target,Barbarian can't equip pistol,can drive tank.

you can find the details in test Mission 3.

Tactical Mode will bring more battlefield feeling to ArmA,it's Player VS Player mode,both side will start with one Company's force, included 1 Company leader and 9 Squad leader,unlike CTI mode,no resource,but you need to capture checkpoint for bring reinforcement and hold some important point to bring advantage.I'll release it in later Version

Unlike mercenary, Army Officer have less personal ability but team ability.
Artillery Support/Air support/Recon plane and satellite for Tactical Mode.

Mission Editor:
to enable CQB ability,

to enable high dispersion mode(make unit hard to hit his target),just place a unit named Officer(HD) which can be found in TR - Soldiers/,every one in this Officer(HD)'s group will enable high dispersion mode even the tank and static weapon.

to enable set defense action,
 this addweapon"TR_backpack"; [this]exec"\TR_OBJ\MISC\Fence.sqs"

Change log:
- BETA 0.1:
8.21.2006,bring some script to ArmA from OFP,and start working on this MOD.
- BETA 0.2:
11.30.2006,CTC mode done.
- BETA 0.3:
3.12.2007,CTD problem canceled.
- BETA 0.5~0.7:
Fixed bugs,reduce lag
- BETA 0.75:
First Public Release

- Missions and Configs by TonyRanger
- Logo made by YJH
- This package contains
- Shopping system from ArmA:Queen's Gambit
- USMC Markers made by Phaeden
- SAM unit from KP CTI
- Scorpion from SLA_Weapon addon
- Some textures from BCM
- UZI,Fal,G3,M60 from Ska_RACS addon
- M500 shotgun from OFP
Thanks to them all.

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