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Requirements: F/A-18 Super Hornet, US Navy Seahawks, F/A-18 Super Hornet

Version: 20130811

Short description: AI Carrier Flight Operations - launching and recovery of aircraft on USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier.

Date: 2013-08-12 06:54

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AI Carrier Flight Operations (CFO)


AI Carrier Flight Operations - launching and recovery of aircraft on USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier.

Installation / Usage:
There are several planes/helicopters, and line flight officers(cat1 and cat2, 3 and 4 don't work so well with small area) set up on the Nimitz. I will integrate the ability to change the types/names/amount in future version(partly in code, just not implemented)

Takeoff from the Nimitz is done by trigger or script at this time. I will implement automatic control.

Landing on Nimitz is done via wp condition, trigger, or you can use automatic landing script(will chose where to land based on VTOL value. MV 22 is always vertical). For auto landing control, set: p42Nim setVariable ["landem",true,true] in trigger or other means. Currently I just use debug console. Auto landing control will gather all planes within 8000 meters of the Nimitz, and direct them to available airports.

If you get sick of the sidechat messages, change the aircraft's "radio" variable to false: Hawk1 setVariable ["radio",false,true]

Helicopter and VTOL landing is not quite coordinated yet. You may get some landing on each other. Working on this one...

If an aircraft takes damage while landing on the Nimitz, a deck emergency will be declared, and any outbound aircraft will be stopped. Inbound aircraft will be routed to the next available airport. May still need some work.
If on the Nimitz, you have between 2 and 4 minutes to clear the debris... hint towing tractor

Flights(planes) directed to the main airfield on Utes (Kamenyy), will be checked for low fuel or damage. If appropriate, they will be directed to refuel/rearm/repair point. After complete, will continue with taxi and takeoff proceedure.

Landing on Nimitz:
null = [planehere]execVm"scripts\mando_land_CFO.sqf"

Takeoff from Nimitz:
null = [planehere, "deck2", 1,3,1]execVM"scripts\mando_takeoff_CFO.sqf"
plane (not really necessary to be a plane)
start position on Nimitz deck: "deck1"(elev1), "deck2"(elev2), "deck3"(elev2), "deck4"(elev3), "deck5"(elev3), "deck6"(elev4), "deck7"(near elev4 and JBD 4), "fuel1"(fuelpoint by elev1), or "fuel2"(fuelpoint by elev1)- (more could be added)
Number of crew members inside the plane before starting take off procedure
Number of seconds to wait idle after all crew is inside
Type of launch - Aircraft type:
1 - fast mover. traditional horizontal launch
2 - C130J horizontal launch - slower accel, lower speed to release
3 - MV-22 and AV-8B vertical launch
4 - F-35B vertical launch (faster top end)
5 - MV-22 horizontal launch - rotors up
Testing below...
6 - just a fun test with MV-22 to animate rotors forward for horizontal launch...doesn't work to good due to length of blades


Videos of an early wip stage!

Test mission:
This test mission requires John Spartan's F/A 18, Meatball's F/A 18 and yurapetrov's seahawk addons.
In the mission, you have three playable soldiers. Switch around to see what's going on. You'll start out on the Nimitz. Watch the LFO's if cat1 or cat2 are used. I've implemented JDog's animation from the USS Nimitz[/COLOR]

This test version is just that. There are several features not integrated yet. Maybe it's more of a template at this time?
Please let me know if you find bugs(its a test version) or have code optimization help.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to JDog for the USS Nimitz. Some of his code I've changed outside of the pbo to work with CFO. Also, the towing tractor he integrated doesn't work well for some aircraft. I'd have to add values to the current one to make it work right, but then it wouldn't be the original released version...

Mandoble for mando_takoff, mando_land, and mando_heliroute. I could never get ahold of him, so I've heavily edited to work with CFO.
xeno for the repair script
rube for some of his functions
Hoz for the nearestAirport/closestTown functions
John Spartan for his F/A 18
Meatball for his F/A 18
yurapetrov for his seahawks
Evil_Echo for his tensor math function found here: Evil_Echo tensor rotation
and the knowledge shared by users of the forums...

Update 20130811
- Corrected take off check - wrong index was used when 2 planes were on approach
- Changed LandedStopped EH - found out planes parking on Nimitz were leaving towards Kamenyy refuel/repair point...
- Helicopter radio variable check corrected. Was incorrectly set with three parameters(like setVariable)
- Removed deck6 and deck7 from available parking spots for planes - these are for helicopter/VTOL at this time
- Removed use of BIS_fnc_selectRandom (see issues here: BIS_fnc_selectRandom not so random?- using function from RUBE library instead

Update 20130810
- Fix to repair point check. I was removing fuel then checking if less than .5 - corrected check(all planes were stopping...)
- Changed all variables in case other mods were using same generic "names" - now all are preceeded by CFO_ "CFO_radio", "CFO_vertical", etc
- Changed request for landing(planes) to check if more than one plane landing on Nimitz, and wait until second plane is in final approach
- Corrected check for helicopter/VTOL landing.
- Changed LandedStopped eventHandler to remove the EH index before the most recently added if the count was > 0. I was originally removing the most current if > 0.
- Removed Rube library folder. Functions I am using are in the fn folder already
- Removed "leftover" USN_FP from mission - Thanks Due1337

beta 02
- Updated version which includes helicopter/VTOL coordination(I hope)

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- F/A 18 Super Hornet
- F/A-18 Super Hornet
- US Navy Seahawks - SH-60B, SH-60F, HH-60H

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