Author: BroBeans
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Version: 0.25 Beta

Short description: Script adds ability for pilot and passengers to open and close doors

Date: 2013-08-07 14:23

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Heli Door Open Script [BETA]

Delta 1 Actual

Adds the action to open and close doors on the UH-80 Ghosthawk (so far...) can add script to as many helicopters as you want and it still works. Comes with demo mission.

Currently only works for Ghosthawk, working on other helis if BIS doesn't beat me.
Please report any bugs!

Future Plans:
Add script compatibility for other helicopters

Known Issues:
No known issues.

Credits and Thanks:
- BIS for the great game
- BIS Forum community help
- Armaholic Forum community help and support

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Tags: Ghosthawk,   Heli,   Open Doors