Author: vip3r75
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.21

Date: 2013-08-16 15:17

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[SnS] Real War


I am pleased to announce the public release of my recent project: Real War. The gameplay consists in a custom Advance and Secure based on a advanced ticket system. In addition, many features are available: possibility to create and fortify Outposts with ammunition depots, destroy enemy outposts and cooperate in a pure PvP experience.

The aim in [SnS] Real War is to capture a neutral Control Points (CPs) or enemy CPs and hold them. Teams must hold CPs and kill members/vehicles of the opposing team to reduce the enemy ticket count. Once a team ticket count has been reduced to zero, the other team wins.

Control Points (CPs):
CPs must be taken sequential order. You must defend your own, and simultaneously attack the enemy's. When you die, you can wait to be revived by a team-mate, or you can respawn at any FOB built by your team. Your Main base has the most assets, but is the furthest away.

Rally Points:
When one or more members of the squad have died the squad leader can place a rallypoint (RP) to speed up the squad's regrouping.
The following conditions must be met for the RP to be placed successfully:
  1. You are the leader of your squad
  2. You can only place one RP before you need to rearm this ability
  3. Another squad member is within 25 meters of your position
  4. No enemy is within 100m

Rally Points by default expire 2 minutes after their creation. Please note that in order to deploy another RP you need to wait 5 minutes.

Forward Operating Bases (FOB):
Are special player deployable assets. Squad leaders may place Forward Operating Bases if they have one supply crate dropped from a Logistics Truck or helicopter.
Requirements:Supply Crates are available at the Main base, you can move and load them in any Logistic Vehicles
  1. Must be constructed within 50m of a friendly supply crate
  2. The team may have a total of 6 forward outposts at the same time
  3. Must be constructed at least 200m from other forward outposts and the team's HQ.
  4. Only the Squad Leader can perform this action

Supply Crates are available at the Main base, you can move and load them in any Logistic Vehicles.
Whenever two supply crates are located within 50 meters from a FOB, the Squad Leader is able to fortify the Forward Outpost Base with several vehicles and fortification objects. Please note, once abandoned or destroyed, vehicles will respawn near the Fortified FOB.

Ticket Loss:
- 50 Control Point Captured
- 20 FOB Destroyed
- 2 Soldier Killed

Ticket loss, also referred to as ticket bleeding, is the state where a team constantly loses reinforcement tickets due to the opposing team holding all the flags (1 Ticket per sec).

Players can no longer spawn at flags which their team is in control of, nor can players spawn on their squad leader. Now, players can spawn at a permanent spawn point at their main base, at their squad's rally point, or at Forward Operating Bases.

Tested with:
Arma 3 Beta 0.74

  • Custom Advance & Secure style
  • Tickets Reinforcement System
  • Minimal Custom HUD for displaying Tickets and mission time
  • Ingame Guide Dialog
  • Command Rose HUD (for special actions such as Building FOBs, Rally Points,..)
  • Ammo Box customized in order to match Player Class and Side
  • Helmetcam liveFeed
  • Forward Base Outpost Costruction and reinforcement
  • Rally Points spawn system
  • =BTC= Revive (Medic type classes) tweeked with a custom made Respawn Dialog
  • Flashing Markers on Map for constested zones
  • CAS Support
  • Highly configurable via mission parameters

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder

  • Fixed FOB Respawn Bug (FOB was destroyed and enemies could still respawn there)
  • Added Lights at Opfor Base (useful for night mission time)

  • Credits & Thanks:
  • Based on Advance and Secure (AAS) by CoolBox -SBS- ( for more information).
  • =BTC=Giallustio [=BTC= Revive and TK Punishment script]
  • Zuff [Group Management]
  • Tonic [VAS/TAW DIstance View]
  • madbull R3F~ [Logistic]
  • Tajin [Helmetcam liveFeed]
  • Project Reality Team [the gameplay idea]
  • The whole Armaholic community!!!
  • If you are not listed here, please feel free to contact me and i will credit you straight away.

  • Forum topic:
    - Armaholic forums

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