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Version: 0.96b Beta

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Date: 2007-10-16 08:10

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Grenadier Pack

This modification makes a number of changes to the M-203 grenade launcher to add different ammo types and increase the maximum loadout to bring it in-line with US Army and US Marines loadouts.

*) adds new ammo type - HEDP:
    Increased damage to simulate the anti-armor round for the M-203. The round has been balanced to destroy UAZ's with a single round (killing the occupants), disable BRDMs with a single round, and disable BMPs with multiple rounds.
*) adds new ammo type - 40mm Smoke:
    Gives the ability to provide covering smoke or mark your target at a greater distance. Rounds come in white, yellow, and red smoke.
*) adds new ammo capacity: 5 round 'magazines':
    This is what allows the increase in maximum loadout to the standard 40 grenades carried by US Army and US Marines grenadiers. The magazines each hold 5 rounds but have a 3 second reload time to keep things within the realm of reality.
*) modifies the grenadier soldier types to increase their default loadout:
    Each grenadier will carry the following load:
      20 rounds HE (4 5 round 'magazines')
      10 rounds HEDP (2 5 round 'magazines')
      5 rounds 40mm Smoke (white)
      5 rounds 40mm Smoke (red)
    The grenadiers will also be listed in the mission builders as 'Hi-Cap' Grenadiers (or in the case of SF, 'Hi-Cap SF Assault') When starting play, the M-203 will come loaded with HE and you can switch ammo types by entering the action menu.
Place the .pbo files into your arma/addons folder or use a modfolder (recommended).
If you dont know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ

Included files:

The default crate loadout has not changed (although I could and may change that as well later on). In order to add the grenades to the crates, in the 'init script' add the following text:

this addMagazineCargo ["<round name>, <round quantity>"]

Where <round name> is the name of the round you want to add and <round quantity> is the number of that magazine you want to add.

The Round names for the package are:

To add 10 'magazines' of HEDP to the ammobox, select it and in the 'init script' add the line:

this addMagazineCargo ["S63_5Rnd_HEDP_M203",10]

Change log:
v 0.96b Beta:
    - issues with the M16A4_ACG_GL resolved
    - all revisions of the M16/M203 should work properly
v 0.96a Beta:
    -Few bugs fixed
Todd - for the inspiration to try my first ArmA mod
SnakeMan (PMC) - for being the first one to respond to my numerous n00bish questions
Tiger II - for assistance with the graphics files
[ASA]ODEN and Planck for timely assistance with getting the new soldier types working

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