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Version: Beta 1.0

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Date: 2007-10-14 06:22

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PROPER Anims Gameplay UI Speedup Pack

This pack contains some fixes and changes in various animations for Armed Assault.


If the server and all clients would use it, it is a different matter of course.

PROPER_Anims_Healing_Animation: PROPER_Anims_Move_Transition:
    Ladder fix from the 1.08 hotfix as standalone addon.
    In addition the infantry movement transition speed was doubled.
    The "additional step animation problem" might become less obvious.

    If you have installed queen's gambit or the 1.08 hotfix, you won't need this one.
    The basic idea is to make targeting enemy units as commander while driving vehicles easier (more OFP like). However I was not yet able to reactivate the cursor if you are the driver of a vehicle.
    The cursor is back for most vehicles as commander and gunner though.
    This one is still very much in the testing phase, yet I'd like to get some
    feedback on this one!
    If you dislike the fact that the (engine sound in particular) sound is way too loud if you are inside vehicles, you will love this one.
    It reduces sound volume inside vehicles significantly.

    You will be happy to go easy on with your ears again and have a good voice chat with your buddies while being in some vehicle.

    Note that the volume is still good in order to hear all the things around you.
    Especially in the combination with the "PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_OccludeAndObstructSounds" addon... it's more like the sound is very pleasantly dampened.

    Additional info:
      How is the volume of the vehicle engine/movement changed when sitting inside that vehicle.
      By default we play our own voices with half volume.

      ### IMPORTANT ###
      The individual vehicles will most likely need more individual tweaking.
    I was not yet able to bring back the cursor for the driver of a vehicle.
    As a workaround the tab/radar locking is re'enabled for all vehicle weapons.
    This should make vehicle fight vs AI a lot more enjoyable again!
    Read the additional info to understand how to avoid an issue with tab/radar
    locking for non commander slot vehicles (see summary part).

    Additional info:
      Weapon lock for all (missing) weapons activated to re'enable tab/radar locking.
      Activated driverIsCommander to re'enable tab/radar locking.

      Activated CanSee = 31 (1=Radar; 2=Eye; 4= Optics; 8= Ear; 16= Compass;) for all vehicles to re'enable tab/radar locking.

      Activated none zero irScanRange values (irScanRangeMin & irScanRangeMax) for the (missing) vehicles to re'enable tab/radar locking.

      It does work now. However you need to be the _weapon commanding guy_in the vehicle.
      You either need to activate manual control or switch to gunner for a moment as group leader to get the _weapon commanding guy_ status.
      After that the tab/radar locking also works for driver or commander in groundvehicles without commander slot present in the vehicle (these almost all besides M1Abrams, T72 and BMP2).
    Removed the uber annoying beep sound inside tanks when hit.
    Well, did you ever felt lost in ArmA tanks - I am sure you did!
    This is primarily due to the limited sound awareness inside vehicles (compared
    to OFP in particular).
    BI tried to introduce a fancy realism effect... as a result inside vehicles you are almost completely deaf. In other words unable to hear the surrounding sound scenery properly, like immediate hostile fire or even direct impacts at your vehicle.
    This is a good day for you! With this addon, you shall become happy again!

    Additional info:
      Deactivated occlude and obstruct effect.
      A vehicle can occlude / obstruct sounds when sound is outside of the vehicle and listener inside, or the other way around.

      Obstruction: how much is the direct path free

      There is some indirect way how can the sound reach the vehicle (open vehicle window), but the direct path is not available (obstruction leaves echoed sound unfiltered).

      Occlusion: how much is both the direct and indirect path free

      Describes how much the vehicle is sealed (echoed sound is filtered as well)
      1 means not occluded, 0 means fully occluded (db-XX can also be used).

      obstructSoundLFRatio = 0;
      occludeSoundLFRatio = 0.25;
      How much are low frequencies attenuated by obstruction and occlusion.
      0 = no attenuation (LF goes through), 1 = full attenuation (LF attenuated the
      same way as HF).
      Note: not implemented yet, 0 and 0.25 is currently used.
    Doubled armor value for all tank based vehicles.
    Well in my view armor vs armor / armor vs infantry combat is very boring, if
    almost all the time one sabot is enough to disable or destroy a tank. Be careful not to use this addon on public MP servers. This will be very obvious cheating, so DO NOT DO IT!.
    The strela and stinger have like 1000% hit percentage in ArmA. They are even able to make a turn, if they missed the target, and do a second approach.
    Thanks to BigDawgKS, we at least have a test addon on the table now to improve
    the AA simulation gameplay wise. Further testing and feedback is direly need
    here! (bad English I guess..)

    Additional info:
      BigDawgKS Strela and Stingers are too accurate.
      When I lowered both to around 12 and 0.2 respectively and tested it, the missiles performed significantly worse, missing very frequently.

      After playing around with these values some more, I found a missile with a maneuverability value of 15 and a trackOverSteer value of 1.0 was about 40-50% likely to miss a moving target depending on the angle and distance. A missile with a maneuverability value of 20 or above and trackOverSteer value of 3.0 or above is very unlikely to miss. The trackOverSteer (introduced in ArmA) in particular makes the missile much more accurate, combined with the proximity fuses now present in ArmA it's clear why the missiles would be a lot better at tracking and hitting their targets than in OFP.
      There's no engine bug however, as I explained above it is definitely possible for the missiles to fail tracking their targets, the config values for BIS's missiles just need to be tweaked (lowered).

      ### IMPORTANT ###
      These values will most likely need even more tweaking. Thrust, thrustTime and initTime could and should be consider as well to improve the simulation.
    Well Doolittle was requesting an improvement of the loading times of the map view upon the first load. Most likely this is not possible for ArmA. However this addon does some config and texture preloading, so maybe, just maybe there is a slight improvement here. Further testing and feedback is direly need here!
    Further improvement might be possible with preloading the map objects (p3ds).

    For more info see CBTS 2749: Cache map icons like tree and mountain.

    Additional info:
      Preload given textures from config classes.
      Any texture corresponding to the entry below is preloaded and kept in the memory permanently. The actual texture file is looked up in the corresponding config entry.

      Lookup values:
        "*" - path is relative to Data unless it starts with a backslash
        "\*" - path is always absolute
        "@*" - model name (rel. to data3d) is given in the config - load all textures for it referenced by it
        "\@*" - model name (abs) is given in the config - load all textures for it referenced by it
      In future other values or combinations may be possible, like for textures which need to be loaded, but not all mipmaps are needed.

      ### IMPORTANT ###
      Right now from only basic testing, there seems hardly a reduction effect of loading time or a resolution the initial map switch lag. Further improvement might be possible with preloading the map objects (p3ds).

      Preload given config classes.

      Any texture corresponding to the entry below is preloaded and kept in the memory permanently. The actual texture file is looked up in the corresponding config entry.

      Lookup values:
        "*" - the class including all subclasses is made permanent.
        "." - only this class is made permanent.
        "fastFind" - optimize searching in this class.
Additional Notes:
The ArmA.rpt is polluted a bit by the PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_Cursor addon.
I think the inheritance or cfgPatches isn't perfectly correct.
Any help or ideas are appreciated a lot!

    Updating base class Turrets->, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/M113/Turrets/
    Updating base class MainTurret->NewTurret, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/M113/Turrets/MainTurret/
    Updating base class Turrets->, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/UAZ_AGS30/Turrets/
    Updating base class MainTurret->NewTurret, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/UAZ_AGS30/Turrets/MainTurret/
    Updating base class Turrets->, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/UH60MG/Turrets/
    Updating base class MainTurret->NewTurret, by proper_gameplay_vehicle_cursor\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/UH60MG/Turrets/MainTurret/

Place the .pbo files into your arma/addons folder or use a modfolder (recommended).
If you dont know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ.

Note that you can use any of the addons independently.

Included files:

~ raedor and BI for 1.08 ladder and anim hotfix
~ BigDawgKS for the suggestion value changes to improve the AA launcher in terms of gameplay.

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