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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.1
Signed: No

Short description: Autonomous, dynamic camera mode

Date: 2013-08-21 09:15

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Smart Camera


Here is something, that I polished from time to time, and now suddenly became ready for first official release, so no big choice, and here we are... Sometimes I just preffer even not to play the battle (yes, I'm such lazy), but only watch AI vs AI struggle in some fancy, attractive way. Hence the idea. Of course this thing probably can have also other uses, even if not often in regular gameplay.

Smart Camera module provides an autonomous, dynamic camera floating over whole map that, hopefully in smart way, will on its own decide, what is most interesting to show at the moment, and how to show it. SC module applies also some subtle post processing effects, simulation of hand shaking, manual zoom and focus adjustment – all switchable.

SC can be launched at mission init or at chosen moment, can be also terminated any time. Apart of that SC, when running, offers quick switch from camera view to normal view and back. SC is not interactive – camera can’t be controlled manually, is fully controlled by the algorithm. To work needs some units on map to watch. It is always focused on some unit or vehicle.

Smart Camera can be used for dynamic (unique each run) intros, outros, cut scenes and such. May be useful also for showcases, FPS measurement, even as alternative death cam mode.

Note, SC relies on SQF code. That means, SC will be affected by consequences of overloading scheduler/CPU. Be sure, that yours CPU can seamlessly handle all used scripts, addons and such before use.

SC comes in two versions: as “Smart Camera” module, that can be placed on map in editor, and as a script, so more advanced users can alter the algorithm itself as needed.

Module version:
As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Now new module should be available in editor.

Script version:
Put SmartCam folder in your mission folder. To init use such code in the init.sqf file or init field of any object on map:
nul = [] execVM "SmartCam\CamInit.sqf";
See included manual for configuration and usage details.

Included files:

See included pdf manual for needed configuration and usage details.

- two new config variables for changing camera transition height and target change frequency;
- default camera transition height changet to 3 meters;
- improved smoothness of camera handling, especially for aerial targets;
- changed shaking pattern;
- added new evaluation factors for target choosing: known enemy and assigned target, both influenced by distance factor;
- improved chance for showing static weaponry;
- fixed some camera position choosing issues;
- fixed death cam mode interferations with activated smart camera;
- a few other fixes.

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