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FBI_Ninja970 and FlorianGeyer informed us about the Project Mars One mod project.

    Quote :
    ArmA 3: Project Mars One is a new Island, Map and Mod (IMM) in development by [FBI]Ninja970&Y and =FSI=FlorianGeyer.

    Year 2030: Humanity was near to end the resource avaiable on the planet and started to extract resources on Mars, an engeneer, an architect and a biology with futuristic visions was charge to take care about a new project, Mars will be colonized by Human race within 2060.

    Year 2035: After 5 years of projects and study, the first spaceship with 72 men and women and other 60 workers was sent to Mars for start a new colony.
    They brought with them the latest tecnology avaiable for constructions, irrigations, resource finding and conversion and started to grow up a new colony in the desolated planet, much of the resource gained by that men was sent to Earth for allow Humanity to continue their existence in an almost-normal enviroment.

    Year 2060: A new alert came from Mars, the resources was near to end up in less than 20 years from now and the new elected Mars Government decided to stop the resource shipments to earth for protect Mars People (now around 400) from the dead, that decision was made because the new enviroment in Mars took around 20 times the resource required to keep alive a man on Earth, so a lack of resources meant a fast dead of them.

    In response of that took of position, United State of America decided to interfere with Army for, as official press said, "Protect the balance between powers and the right of live owned by every American Citizen".

    Europe decided to declare war against USA because, was said, "they did not respect the Human Right of everybody to live" and "want to take all the resources from themself".

    Year 2062: A lot of resource was wasted until this years in developing of military-carry battleships and weapons, the rest of resources avaiable was near to zero, China and Japanese Federation was founded in this year and closed all commercial ways to foreign countries, the Government of the United States declared open war with them and sended some of the remained Military Power in an invasion campaign.

    Year 2065: The troups of invasion was closed to conquer Tokyo when, in response, the Cina Government launch all ICBM (Nuclear, Chemical and Biologic missles) to enemy strategic objectives: New York, Madrid, Rome, Moskow, Paris and so much others.
    While military spaceships was taking off for the long travel to Mars, other countries response with their own ICBM.
    Military men was able to see a big piece of humans, including most of the own families, falling to dead in a nuclear war.
    In response of that, a piece of the Mars population decided to fight against all governments who want to keep resource for own people and made a new Army with themself for fight.

    Year 2070: Today, Armys of both sides are just landed and you know exactly what is your work, you don't?

    Island feature:
    • Biggest map ever created for an ArmA engine: 10.000 square KM.
    • Real terrain: All terrain is make using laser topographic detection, around 1cm of precision.
    • Real Mars, sky and enviroment: Real sky, real terrain texture.
    • Sci-Fi objects and places: Invented city, oasis, ruins, deserts and much more.
    Map feature:
    • Resource simulation: Take point for gain resources: Oil, Wood, Metals and more are necessary for you.
    • Economical simulation: Buy weapons, objects, ammo, cars, aircrafts and much more: like in real life; Black Market included.
    • Fight against weather: Now temperature, humidity, sandstorm and other enviroment affect you, your soldiers, your vehicles and your faction.
    Addons feature:
    • New vehicles, new weapons, new objects.

    We are looking for modders, map makers and scripters for make and keep this IMM as beautiful and funny as possible, if you are interesting in this project feel free to contact us!

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Project Mars One wip topic.

Written on 2013-08-24 09:51 by FlorianGeyer  

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