Dynamic AI Creator (DAC) 2.0 Preview
Work in progress

At the website we can read an update about the status of DAC.

Quote :
The project will be finished soon. Then we can finally present you the new DAC version 2.0. The script working has been already finished. Silola is currently working on the 5 parted Demonstration, which has also been created in 2 languages.

When Silola started to work at the DAC, it actually should become a 1:1 takeover of the DAC V1.0 for ArmA. But Silola couldn’t stop modifying the old one and so he scripted the whole DAC completely new.

These are the features of the new version:
    * Moveable Zones (global troop moving)
    * Size of a zone is changeable at every time
    * Behavior config is anytime loadable
    * Unit config is anytime loadable
    * Editor placed units can be used as well
    * DAC-Marker does have much more possibilities
    * DAC marker can get activated or deactivated anytime
    * Marker configurations can be loaded anytime
    * Radio messages and marker activable by “Side”
    * Zones can get activated/deactivated as often as one wants
    * Group reducing (qualifiedly) available for vehicles
    * AI takes building
    * AI hunting up empty vehicles
    * AI takes empty guns
    * AI is using smoke grenades
    * Routine for Enemy recognition has been modified completely
    * Artillery support (script) for AI (static or mobile)
    * New DAC Camps with 7 levels (what each camp level contains)
    * DAC camps can be linked with zones
    * Respawn is possible now even though no camps are existing
    * Waypoint config is adjustable for every zone now
    * AI (conversation) sounds have been expanded and is MP-useable now
    * Advanced error interrogation
    * New: DAC_config_Arti
    * New: DAC_Config_Camps
    * New: DAC_Config_Marker
    * New: DAC_Config_Events
    * Many of mistakes out of version 1.0 have been fixed
    * Very good Server performance
You can view some screenshots by clicking "Read more".

Make sure to visit the website to read the news about the upcomming DAC release.

Armaholic note:
Indeed, work in progress news on Soon you will see how we will handle the WIP news from now on.

A Dialog is leading through the demonstration:


Those pictures are showing different camp-configurations:


Written on 2007-10-15 17:32 by Armaholic  

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