Official version of the JSRS2.0 soundmod by LordJarhead released!
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LordJarhead released the official version of the JSRS2.0 soundmod for Arma 3 on the JSRS Studios website.

    Quote LordJarhead :
    J.S.R.S. is a Sound modification. This sounds less exciting at first than it is, doesn't it? Oh, but it is much more than just your typical sound modification. Simply because not only does J.S.R.S. essentially offer toally new sounds for ArmA 3, but offers much more in that it also extends the game with new sound-based features in-game which were originally
    though not possible.

    The biggest feature is the "Distance script" that allows the mod to address different sound effects at different distances
    to the player. The scenario: If a shooter is 500 meters away, one extra tuned value sound for this distance will be
    played. This gives the impression of being far away of that shooter.
    There are also effects like the "First Person sounds" which giving the impression that the weapon is close to your face
    by adding mechanical extra sound effects which is only played when the player is playing in the first-person
    perspective. The same works for vehicles. When sitting as a passenger in an armed vehicle, you can hear the
    mechanical sounds of the weaponry.
    The latest addition to the J.S.R.S. Sound modification suite is the all-new "in-room script" which mixes an extra loud
    echo over the weapon effects when the player is inside a building and is firing his weapon. The effect results in the
    impression that you really are inside a building.
    All these new features--plus over 5500 other new sound effects--makes for an entirely new sound experience. ArmA
    3 is transformed with only a mod in a completely different dimension. Each mission is completely different because of
    the ubiquitous new impressions. It is made for more aware of risk, opponents recognized by the authentic weapon
    noises or they can very accurately located due to the distance effects.

    JSRS 2.0 brings all the old-known effects and sounds to a whole new level, even compared to previous J.S.R.S. versions
    of the past. This version is the culmination of J.S.R.S. "Perfection" after a long journey of working on J.S.R.S.. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

    So, some last words, if you don't mind:
    This project took a lot of time, actually its project that went from ArmA1 over ArmA2 and now to ArmA3 and this for over 4 years now!
    Its been a long journey but as some of you know me by now, it wont be the end of it. I will always continue this project, even now by providing Updates!
    I just want to ask you to not give me such a hard time if some or even more does not work the way you expect it to.
    Even if a lot of sounds might now suite your taste, I'm pretty sure I did a solid work and I want this to be done before Christmas time starts.
    Once again I want to thank you all for supporting me, LordJarhead, and JSRS Studios and who ever helped me realizing this project.
    Thank you very much! I wish you all a good time with this mod and please, stay patient if things does not work out right now, it'll be fixed later on!

    Leave your feedback in the JSRS2.0 release thread.

Written on 2013-12-16 17:06 by LordJarhead  

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