Author: M1lkm8n
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.6.5
Signed: Yes, serverkey available

Short description: This is Sahrani, the Armed Assault island ported to Arma 2.

Date: 2015-04-11 21:04

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SMD Sara A2 Full Sahrani Map Port

M1lkm8n & The Sahrani Mod Dev Team

SMD_Sahrani_A2 - A community open source project dedicated to improving Sahrani and it's native Buildings. We have extended the reach of this project to include custom assets, units, and vehicles as well.

What's the Difference between smd_sahrani_a2 and Caa1 Sahrani, or even A1 Sahrani?

1. There are Dozens of opened, or improved variants of the native BI Buildings. SMD Building Features include:
- Animated doors (and in some cases) shutters, and windows.
- Several buildings with SFX to accompany the door movement (Ammo Bunker, All Garages, and Aircraft Hangar)
- Individual shattering panes of glass
- Improved pathings, roadway, and other LOD's
- Animated Destruction for Doors on 2 buildings with 2 variants each
- Animated Destruction for 1 Building from roof to foundation. Blow it apart bit by bit

2. Countless object placement issues have been addressed 1 by 1 making for fewer misplaced or overlapping objects/buildings

3. The Ground textures have been replaced with higher resolution textures (from and the blend has been customized by M1lkm8n

4. The Grass and Clutter blends have been customized.

M1lkm8n has really gone above and beyond on this latest update (v1.1.0). Check out the Changelog for details but we have several newly opened buildings as well as a complete round up and standardization of the LOD's for ALL the previously opened smd_ buildings.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

These are signed addons, serveradmins can download the serverkey from here.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

Recommended addons:
These are recommended but not required!
- Sahrani Civilians
- Police units
- Project RACS Mod
- SMD Assets Standalone

Report bugs:
Please enjoy the map and let us know of any suggestions, or problems you encounter.
This is a work in progress and any and all input is welcome!
Please report bugs here:

Credits & Thanks:
Created using tools, and content from Bohemia Interactive, see for more information.

All Credits as below:
First and foremost special thanks to: Bohemia Interactive Studios. Without the years and years of work, none of this would be possible.
Thank you for:
THE GAMES and their endless libraries of content - Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, and Arma III
THE MAP and it's breathtaking beauty and design - Sahrani
We have used purchased and free textures from check them out!

A vert Special thanks to kju[PVPSECENE] and the Caa1 group for bringing the Arma 1 classic Sahrani (and all other A1 content) to Arma2, and Now to A3 Via All In Arma.
A ver Special thanks to Mikero for his amazing library of Tools that allow so many modders to do their work without problems!
A very Special thanks to Vilas who's amazing models are being used to create the Pliskin Units

And.... For us and our special thanks (many repeats but still insufficient IMO)
The Sahrani Mod Dev team:
The Following Members and Contributors have worked on this release:
BadBenson - Building Animation, and Particle Effects
M1lkM8n - Terrain Lead - Art, Modelling, Building Animation, Sound Effects, and Terrain Editing
JST (CyberSam248) - Modelling and Textures
Pliskin - Graphic/Texture Artist
NonovUrbizniz - Project Coordinator - Configs, Light Model Editing, Media, Packing/Signing, Permissions, Testing, & Releasing
Wolle - Configs, Intro Scenes

Our Previous Members and Contributors:
Grafzahl - Programming
Yoshi - Art
PepinKR - Programmer
NWP - Retired Programmer
Seven - Modelling
ShermanFTW - Founder - Modelling
ZombieDanceLeader - Art

Huge thanks to:
Bohemia Interactive - Makers of some of the Most AMAZING Video Games in the World!
We can't thank the following enough:
- Ivan Buchta - Map Maker and Sahrani Bohemia Map Team Alum!
- Ota Vrtatko - Public Relations
- David Foltyn (Dwarden) - Battleye and DayZ Ambassador
Bohemia Interactive Forums - We can't thank the following members enough:
- BadBenson - For all his advice for animated bridges, and rousing political debates ;-)
- Bushlurker - BI Developer, CWR2 Dev and Terrain/Tutorial Magician
- Dslyecxi - Addon Author and Tactician extraordinaire
- Icewindo - Master Addon Maker (Sahrani Civilian Units and 2017 Post Apocalypse Units just to mention 2!)
- Jdb - Amazing guide to the catacombs of licensing and permissions
- kju[PVPSCENE] - Maker of All in Arma (reason Zoombies works) and @Caa1 (reason Sahrani works).. IE Pretty Fucking Awesome guy in the community!
- MaxPower - Moderator to the Stars and CWR2 coordinator
- Mikero - CWR2 Dev & maker of COUNTLESS tools that help Terrain Artists and Modders do what they do! A TRUE Arma Modder's Hero
- Mondkalb - BIS Developer and author of Tutorials!
- Smookie - BIS Developer from FragOut Studios
- SnakeManPMC - Terrain Master and PMC Wiki Creator
- W0lle - Retired Project Lead for Cold War Rearmed!
- Vilas - Legendary Weapon Pack and Addon Maker

Caa1 Project - Kju's Project to bring Arma 1 Content to Arma 2
OAC Core Project - Makes Caa1 Content work in Arma 2
Pwnoz0r - for his Easy Server Installer!
The ENTIRE OpenDayz community and the admins for their support
VertHosting - Thank you James Warner!
DayZHorror - Wonderful EU Gaming Community
- Cookies
- SmKes
- All the great guys.
In case I missed anyone... you too! We love you all.

APL-SA - With the exception of the textures from and Vilas Units. Please see the included full "license.txt" for further details, or you may contact

[FIXED] - Presto - Dum_istan_Maly placements
[FIXED] - Presto - Dum_istan_olez_open placement
[FIXED] - Corinto - Previously closed Olez replaced with open version
[FIXED] - Paraiso - Several placement, and a few un-enterable versions replaced with enterables
[FIXED] - Iguana - Several placement, and a few un-enterable versions replaced with enterables
[FIXED] - Ortego - Several placement, and a few un-enterable versions replaced with enterables
[FIXED] - Bagango - Several placement issues
[ADDED] - Bagango - Missing Panelak2
[ADDED] - Pita - Fixed A1 Pub to replace bombed out pub
[ADDED] - Pita - Dum_mesto replaced with opened version

- [FIXED] - Doors not working

[Added] - AIspawnpos_1 _2 etc, AIDoor_1 _2 etc to most buildings
[Added] - Updated Midrange Texture

[Added] - Building - smd_ss_hangar_withdoor - replaces ss_hangar - Green Version of the previously done SMD Desert Hanger with animated door
[Fixed] - Buildings - Entire artificial objects pbo gone through to reduce section counts of models

[Added] - Building - smd_dum_olez_istan2_maly_open - replaces dum_olez_istan2_maly & dum_olez_istan2_maly2 (animated doors and shutters, as well as shattering glass)
[Added] - Building - smd_Panelak - replaces Panelak (2 story Brick Apartments) - All rooms now enterable, and closet doors previously closed are swung open
[Added] - Building - smd_Panelak2 - replaces Panelk2 (4 story Brick Apartments) - All rooms enterable, Elevator lobby, and shaft with ladders too each floor and roof
[Added] - Building - smd_Panelak3 - replaces Panelk3 (8 story Brick Apartments) - All rooms enterable, Elevator lobby, and shaft with ladders too each floor and roof
[Added] - Feature - Animated Dumpsters - (x4 smd_dumpster_trash _paper, _plastic, and _glass) give "open dumpster" and "close dumpster" option
[Added] - Feature - Animated Well Pump - (smd_water_pump) gives "Pump Water" option, which triggers 3 pumps of the handle
[Fixed] - Several previously prevented buildings have now been swapped to their enterable counterparts.
[Fixed] - Misc. Placement issues

[Added] - Versions - Standard (Full) and Lite - Lite is the Terrain/Scenes only Full includes smd_units.pbo and smd_assets.pbo
[Added] - Feature - ALICE Module Support
[Added] - Feature - Missions - 3 Missions are now included to show the units/vehicles/buildings/misc objects
[Added] - PBO - smd_assets - Includes ~130 custom textured vehicles, many unconfigured "loot objects" from our DayZ project, and some
[Added] - PBO - smd_units - Includes ~50 "units" all have been modified to show backpacks (all Sahrani and Chernarus male citizens)
[Added] - PBO - smd_sahrani_a2_scenes - Arma 1 Intro ScenesWIP modified BI misc objects.
[Changed] - Feature - Grass and Rock Clutter mixes
[Changed] - License - APL-SA now applies to our entire package with the exception of the purchased CGTextures and Vilas Units

[Added] - Building - smd_budova3_open
[Added] - Building - smd_dum_mesto3
[Added] - Building - smd_garaz_long_open
[Added] - Building - smd_garaz_open
[Added] - Feature - Armory Support
[Added] - Feature - Glass (individual shattering panes) to more smd_ Buildings
[Added] - Feature - Building LODs for ALL smd_ Buildings normalized
[Added] - Feature - Animated Destruction! for smd_dum_olez_istan2_open & smd_dum_olez_istan2_open2
[Added] - Feature - Door Breaching! For all smd_dum_olez_istanx_openx buildings both 1's and both 2's
[Added] - Feature - Improved Ground textures with _nopx files

[Fixed] - Object Name - Incorrect model name used zidka03 changed to zidka_branka
[Added] - Building - smd_dum_olez_istan1_open (2 versions)
[Added] - Building - smd_dum_olez_istan2_open (2 versions)
[Added] - Building - smd_bouda_plech_open
[Added] - Building - smd_dum_mesto_in_open
[Added] - Building - smd_hangard_withdoor (Desert Aircraft hangar with animated front doors and roll up door with SFX)
[Added] - Feature - Glass to many of the smd_ Buildings
[Fixed] - Building - smd_budova4_in (A1 Enterable Army Barracks) (fixed and animated doors)
[Fixed] - Conflict - Skybox altered to prevent conflicts
[Fixed] - Object Name - Incorrect model name used zidka03 changed to zidka_branka
[Fixed] - Object Name - All Land Classed Objects renamed to include smd_ ofpec tag prefix to prevent conflicts
[Fixed] - Structures - Docks at Corazol placment issue
[Removed] - Building - dum_istan_02_open

[Added] - Building - dum_istan_02_open (4 Story Grey Stone Apartments present in Southern Sahrani
[Fixed] - BUG - User Created Missions crashing on "Resume"
[Fixed] - Object Placement - Blanket fixes, Town by Town sweep for Objects and Vegetation Clipping into each other and buildings
[Fixed] - Object Placement - House heights blanket adjusted with stairs placed at entrances when require

[Added] - A2 Alpha/Alpha Grid Number Scheme (allows for use of Artillery Computers, and normal readouts on GPS)
[Added] - A2 Object Pathing (all possible A2 replacement Objects are called instead of packing them with the map)
[Added] - A2 Roadways
[Added] - Building - benzina_schnell_open
[Added] - Building - dum_olezlina (Replaced with identical building with interior)
[Added] - Building - garaz_mala (RENAME TO garaz_mala_open)
[Added] - Building - house_y (interior added WIP)
[Fixed] - Building - army_hut_int (Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Building - army_hut2 (Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Building - army_hut2_int (Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Building - army_hut3_long_int (Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Building - hospoda_mesto (A1 Pub Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Building - strazni_vez2 (Collisions Issues Fixed)
[Fixed] - Objects - zavora (Guardhouse gate no animates open/close with action menu)
[Fixed] - Structures - Molo_beton (Dock/Pier) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - Molo_krychle (Dock/Pier) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - Molo_krychle2 (Dock/Pier) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - nabrezi (Dock/Pier) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - nabrezi_najezd (Dock/Pier - Railing) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_cornL (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_cornP (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_cube (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_cube_long (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_mid (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_mid_cornL (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_mid_cornP (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_stairs (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_stairs2 (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_stairs3 (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Fixed] - Structures - podesta_1_stairs4 (Retaining Wall) (AI Pathing Fixes)
[Removed] - Single roadside Post in a field NW of Bagango (Seven's Post)

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