Doolittle's Global Server Config
Doolittle has released a great new addon for server owners to include on their dedicated servers in the BIS forums.

Quote Doolittle :
This addon will give the server owners more power. It will run a script once for each mission that is loaded. You can use this to send a command to all clients to turn grass off, or to set the view distance to something, or whatever! Set rain or give everyone night vision... this will happen for any mission that is on Sahrani. No more need to edit 100 missions to set up something in init.sqf!

The CreateLogicCode is a special command that basically means "have all clients run this code". Perhaps have the globalserver.sqf create a trigger to clean up dead bodies or something too. It's up to you!

Download this great server tool from our download section.

Written on 2007-10-19 11:52 by doolittle  

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