Coop mission : The Lost Osprey by Boris Vacula

Boris Vacula has submitted an updated version of his cooperative mission where you must find the lost Osprey in zombie infested Chernarus.

    Quote Boris Vacula :
    An MV-22 'Osprey' which was carrying an important cargo and a few VIPs had an engine malfunction and had to urgently land somewhere in the zombie infested Chernarus. Your mission is to locate it and make sure that the cargo will be delivered to its original destination before the night falls. However the exact location of this aircraft is unknown and you'll have to figure out where it is, based on the clues which you'll find in the infected towns.

    • Significantly decreased the amount of zombies in all towns to make the mission easier.
    • Minor improvements and changes.

Written on 2013-11-07 19:13 by Boriz  

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