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Version: 1.2

Short description: Fastrope from the Cargo position in a helicopter

Date: 2014-03-21 10:03

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Fast Rope for Helicopters


Have you ever wondered why there no native support for fastroping in Arma? I did, so I put together this script. It's not as advanced as the ArmA 2 ACE Fastroping, so there are no special rope objects or animations.

Does this work with AI or in MP?
It should be compatible with MP, but I will do some more testing there. AI can't fastrope at the moment and I'm not sure if I'll implement it as I don't know a good approach on how to tell my AI buddies to fastrope. Image a 8-men squad, you would have 8 actionmenu-buttons to tell each of them to fastrope. Maybe I'll find a good approach, but it would get much more complicated to implement.

Installation / Usage:
1. Place Trigger with area 0 by 0
2. Set Trigger to Repeatedly
3. Set Condition to:
(vehicle player) isKindOf "Helicopter" AND player != (assignedDriver (vehicle player)) AND (getpos (vehicle player) select 2) > 3 AND (getpos (vehicle player) select 2) < 25 AND (speed (vehicle player)) < 5;
4. Set on Activation to (Change "Fastrope" to what you want to have displayed in the Actionmenu, e.g. "Rope now!"):
aid_fastrope = player addAction ["Fastrope", "fastrope.sqf", [player]];
5. Set on Deactivation to:
player removeAction aid_fastrope;

How to use in-game:
Your Helicpoter must be slower than 5 km/h and in a height between 3m and 25m. Everone except for the Pilot can then fastrope using the action in the actionmenu.

Change the next two Values as you like.
_ms = Fastroping-speed in meters per second. Default is 4 m/s, taken from VBS2. Change to something like 8 for faster roping!
_d = distance between center of helicopter and center of fastroping solder when he starts fastroping. Use negative Values as the soldier should start roping below the heli!

Known issues:
Some desync in MP.

- Units will no longer get stuck in the ground in MP

- improved the script to use better scripting commands and sync better in MP, though that's still an issue.

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