Author: NodUnit
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds the AH-64D to Arma 2.

Date: 2015-02-03 09:56

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AH-64D Apache Longbow

Nodunit & Franze

After more than 3 years, we are finally ready to make the first release of our AH-64D to Arma 2! This addon represents a full circle for us: Franze had first started on an Apache Longbow for Operation Flashpoint 10 years ago; he and I made our first combined upgraded release 8 years ago. Now we've finally been able to come back and do what we could only dream of several years ago. While it is far from complete, we made a promise to the ArmA2 community that when Arma 3 was close to going gold, we would release - a little less than 2 weeks from now, Arma 3 will go gold, so here we are.
Watch this topic for future updates and bug fixes over the next few weeks!

fza_ah64_us.pbo - Main models and textures file
fza_ah64_controls.pbo - Scripting and controls file
fza_ah64_ctg.pbo - Missions and campaigns file
fza_mi28.pbo - OPFOR Mi-28 file

Fully dynamic arming - select individual rocket zones and rails!
Interactive cockpit - look at a part in the cockpit and interact with it!
Damage system - Systems fail, weapons are destroyed, and displays malfunction!
Pilot can control the gun and PNVS turret - compatible with TrackIR and freelook!
AH-64D Block II variant represented, with and without Longbow radar
5 mission training campaign
10 mission full campaign
4 single missions
5 multiplayer missions
... and more!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

For detailed usage instructions please refer to the included readme file!

Maps For AH-64D by Nodunit And Franze by geraldbolso1899:
This contains folders with all the available maps and their respective codes, to facilitate mission makers.
It includes High res maps of:
    - Altis
    - Stratis
    - Cherno
    - Takistan
    - Utes
    - Proving Grounds
    - Zargabad
    - Desert
    - Bystrica
    - Bukovina
Only problem (in A3), is that the ownship symbol is obscured.

Online manual:
There is an online manual available as well, you can find it here:

Known issues:
- Player will report 'out of fuel' radio message with CEM on. Reason: to keep
player from being able to take off without going through startup procedure,
fuel is set to 0 until startup procedure has been followed. Cannot disable the
default radio 'out of fuel' message.
- Betty audio messages will play when dead or out of aircraft.
- Audio issues with engine loop sound.
- Sometimes engine startup procedure is skipped.

The contents of this package (textures, models, scripting) were created by Franze and Nodunit; if you wish to use any of it, please get permission from them before helping yourself to the content. Thanks!

Credits & Thanks:
Nodunit (models, textures)
Franze (scripting)

Bardosy - Kestrel flight
Fangs McCoy - Bitchin' Betty
Franze - Dusk Knight 3-2, Grey Wolf, ground forces
froggyluv - Instructor
nettrucker - Co-Pilot Gunner

Additional Credits
General Barron (getpitch, getbank, setpitch, setbank functions)
Noubernou (clickable cockpits concept, per frame eventhandler)
Robert Hammer (Door open/close sounds, Main Rotor Sounds)
Hellcat (testing, campaign guide)
islefan (testing, advisor)
Jason (testing, advisor)
b00ce (testing)

Music Credits
Jeehun Hwang (Heavy Gear, Mechwarrior 2 soundtracks)
Barry Leitch (TFX, Drakan soundtracks)
Origin Skunkworks (Longbow 2 soundtracks)
Bioware (Shattered Steel soundtracks)

Special Thanks
Max Power - Testing, model and texture advice
BG ECP - pilot advisor

License / Disclaimer:
If something goes wrong while using this addon, you cannot hold the authors responsible.
Use this package and the included contents at your own risk.

The contents of this package (textures, models, scripting) were created by Franze and Nodunit; if you wish to use any of it, please get permission from them before helping yourself to the content.

You are not allowed to use this addon for commercial purposes in any way.
This includes incentive content as donations for servers, monetized servers, or related commercial purposes.

Creation of content with assets provided by this addon (scripts, skins, etc.) does not imply ownership of the addon or contents within. Ownership of this addon is the sole property of Franze and Nodunit and associated subsidaries.

Forum topic:
- Modified model and texture.
- Added skin selection to arming menu.
- Fixed some glitches with ASE, TSD, and FCR displays.

- Modified data transfer mechanics.
- Fixed bug with PNVS and FLIR lenses on the model.
- Fixed multiplayer bugs with scripting not initializing.
- Added CPG control options when AI is piloting.
- Modified model UV coordinates.
- Fixed bug with multiplayer missile avoidance.

- Modified gun tracking in HMD and AUTO modes to remove bank error.
- Modified IHADSS scripting to work faster on per frame handler.
- Modified weapon damage so that if using a linked weapon and one pylon is damaged, only ordnance is lost on that pylon.
- New laser designation system for CPG.
- New experimental mouse input for click actions: when the Head Tracking On action is used, the mouse will move the 'X' click action point.
- Gun burst no longer forced time restriction. Gun now has overheat tracking and overuse can result in gun jamming.
- Gunner heads down symbology in place.
- Added DTV monochrome effect.
- Modified gun control: gun control exclusively the realm of the CPG in multiplayer.
- Fixed issue with MPD buttons not working with CEM off.

- Modified shadow LOD. (further messing with exterior, interior still very WIP)
- Modified pilot LOD. (you won't see a change)
- Modified missile guidance.
- Modified missions to account for new damage scripting.
- Modified campaign missions "Pin Drop" and "Hallowed Ground" to include radio commands for ordering Dusk Knight to stop, continue, or fly to an area. Dusk Knight will also wait until the player takes off to continue his way route.
- Modified pilot and gunner LODs to show weapons and rotor components. (blur and pylon weaponry)
- Fixed crew placement in crew fire LOD placement that resulted in their being unhittable except in certain places. Still requires a weapon capable of penetrating armor to prevent 'makarov' crew kills.
- Fixed vulnerability in underside of cockpit area.
- Opening doors will now allow crew to be shot.
- Pilot needs a gunner to use SAL

- Changed weapon and ammo class inheritance.
- Modified missile guidance scripting.
- Fixed cockpit glass invulnerability.
- Fixed CPG-Pilot multiplayer issue with gun/pylons.
- Fixed shadow issues.
- Fixed skin selection areas.
- Fixed TADS stow for CPG.

- Engine startup now has sounds and UFD/WCA page feedback for state of components.
- APU and engines will burn fuel in complex startups.
- IHADSS must be turned on (IHADSS toggle action) after battery turned on.
- Added IHADSS toggle capability to click action on IHADSS storage box.
- UFD, MPDs, and IHADSS in off state until battery, APU, or engines are on.
- Added rotor RPM audio message when exceeding 110% and an altitude above 5m while ENG page active.
- Modified UFD messages to be uniform in color and size; removed some messages.
- Replaced main rotor sounds with Robert Hammer samples.
- Improved shadow LOD.
- M230 burst behavior changed - waiting 1 second or more in the middle of a burst resets burst limit.
- Fixed FCR page components errors with TSD.
- Fixed gunner unable to turn on FCR in single player.
- Fixed Pilot-CPG damage effects - now passed between crew members.
- Fixed click helper not appearing after resuming from a saved game.
- Fixed CPG TSD map not hiding.

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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