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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.41

Short description: DMC Air Patrol is a script that can spawn a configurable amount air patrol vehicles including crew.

Date: 2015-10-21 17:30

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DMC Air Patrol

Demon Cleaner

This is something that has been gathering some dust on my hard drive. Originally written for one of my ArmA II missions I've decided to revive it for ArmA III in the hope that somebody might find it useful. If you do implement it into your missions I'd be happy if you would let me know where to download them. I'd love to see how people make use of this script.

DMC Air Patrol is a script that can spawn a configurable amount air patrol vehicles including crew. It will read the configuration file of the current map and use the predifined locations in this file to plot a randomized flight course for each patrol vehicle. If an air patrol encounters an enemy presence in it's flight path it will attack and try to obliterate the enemy. When done the air patrol will return to it's flight path and repeat as new enemies are encountered. If a patrol vehicle is destroyed a replacement will be spawned after a configurable timer runs out.

Installation / Usage:
At the moment the following options can be configured:
1. Search radius for pre-defined map locations
2. Spawn positions for the air patrol vehicle
3. Type of vehicle used by air patrol
4. Side of the air patrol
5. Flight altitude
6. Rules of engagement
7. Combat behaviour
8. Movement speed
9. Skill of the crew
10. Amount of patrol vehicles to spawn
11. Time to wait before spawning a new instance of a patrol vehicle if destroyed
12. Whether or not to randomize waypoints

How do I implement it in my mission ?
The download contains 2 demo missions (Stratis / Altis) that should be pretty much self explanatory. I've also provided an init.sqf that can be ripped apart to cater your needs. Basically all that's needed in your mission is some markers that represent spawn locations which will be read and then randomized by the script upon init. Since version 1.3 there's a readme.txt included which describes the implementation in even more detail.

Does it work in Multiplayer ?
Actually it should. Since the script is only run on the server and does not need to communicate with clients I don't see why it would not. Though I haven't tested it and if you encounter any multiplayer weirdness let me know.

- fixed serious bug

- Fixed an error in waypoint generation
- Added code to remove Air Patrol specific markers when not in debug
- Refined waypoint generation and added debug markers
- Added OPFOR air vehicle class names
- Removed functions folder for simplicity
- Fixed cfgFunctions.hpp

- Reworked waypoint randomization
- Added DMC_spawnAirPatrol function to autoinit (auto compilation)
- Removed uneccessary check for BIS fnc init (functions are preloaded)
- Added debug markers for mission designers (check variables in init.sqf)
- Larger waypoint completion radius
- Default patrol time (vehicle respawn) changed to 60 minutes
- Changed combat behaviour to make air patrols more agressive
- Changed air patrol vehicle crew default skills
- Changed air patrol vehicle default flight altitude
- Changed air patrol vehicle default speed to FULL
- Added a readme.txt explaining how to implement this script

- unknown

- Added parameter to specify the amount of air patrols to spawn
- Added parameter to specify the minimum patrol time
- Converted script to a function that can be precompiled at init and called when needed
- Added recursive function call in order to respawn destroyed patrols automatically.

- Initial release ported over from ArmA 2

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