Female Soldiers by Icewindo
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Icewindo released his Female Soldiers addon on the BI forums.
With this release he has also provided the Mlods so you can use this addon, improve it, modify it or create derivates of the addon. The Mlod is available on the downloadpage.

    Quote Icewindo :
    This pack contains two new heads and a female body to be used in the creation of female soldiers:
    • all the models were created using the great open source software "MakeHuman".
    • As body armor + equipment is not "figure friendly" the heads don't look so bad on standard BIS models.
    • As there's no female speech in A3 yet or women at all, speech can be simulated by using a high-pitched "Speaker9".
    • The faces are not animated. Although I could fix that, I lack the time.
    • the female body itself is not a very good rig. I lack the skill to get it done further but feel free to pick it up.

Written on 2013-09-03 07:59 by Armaholic  

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