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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.04

Date: 2013-09-08 10:41

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AW Dogfights

Pach [AW]

A very basic team deathmatch. Join a squad, get in a plane, and fight for the air supremacy !

- 2 teams of 20 players (2*20 planes) based on 2 separate airbases
- Respawnable planes (60 seconds)
- Airbases slightly defended
- Team deathmatch engagements

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder

Change log:
- Players & units
    -Modified the way players are warned the AO is occupied by their enemy (now using tasks)
- Bugs&Optimization
    -Removed Vehicle Crew script since it is not actually bringing usefull info, to increase slightly the ingame
- Performances
    -Fixed a bug happening with the creation of taks
    -Fixed a bug created with the ingame splash screen
    -Changed the unit marker system

- Bugs&Optimization
    -Independant side fixed so Blufor does not get negative kills

- Players & units
    -Added 2 more AA vehicles / base
- Balance
    -Reduced the infantry patrols at bases by 40%
    -Unit Marker will not display NPCs anymore
    -South ground fight NPCs coms have been removed
    -South ground fight NPCs amount reduced by 30%
- Bugs&Optimization
    -Fixed game type for loading and server browser
    -Updated Unit Markers with new vehicles
    -AA vehicles now patrol on a small area to prevent them to stay stuck without firing

- Players & units
    -Added 4 static AA Titan launchers per base to reinforce the existing defenses
    -Added a static Cheetah to reinforce the existing Blufor defenses
    -Added a static Tigris to reinforce the existing Opfor defenses
    -Added an automated warzone on the south of the map for pilots wanting more challenge
    -The main AO is not seizable
- Balance
    -Raised the global AI of every base defense from 0.6 to 0.75
    -Raised the repair pad initialization delay from 2 to 5 seconds
    -Decreased all the delays of the repair pad (refuel, repair, rearm) by 50%
    -Decreased the minium delay between 2 uses of the repair pad from 600 to 120 seconds
- Bugs&Optimization
    -Assigned a unic name variable for all planes to allow the repair pad lock system to work
    -Fixed the color of the Opfor area name
    -Fixed an error with the task&briefing
    -Fixed units markers
- Misc
    -Changed the preview image from the loading screen
    -Changed the style of the AO on the map
    -Added ingame credits

- Players & units
    -Pilots: Added a default item pack to all pilots (smokes, chemlights...)
    -Ammo boxes: The trucks used as virtual ammo boxes can no longer be driven and now respawn after 5 seconds
- Terrain
    -Reworked the parkings for the planes
    -Added lights arround the two airbases to help during the night

AI Spawn Script Pack by SpunFIN
FHQ TaskTracker by Varanon
Generic Vehicle Service by Jacmac
TAW View Distance Script by Tonic
Virtual Ammobox System by Tonic

Special thanks to The community for the enjoyable games

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