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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Launches a simple flare.

Date: 2013-09-07 07:30

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Simple Flare


A simple Script simulating a flare shot upright in the sky. The flare is not affected by wind as the setVelocity command is used. Therefore no physics in any other dimension.

- Actionmenu, trigger and also radio can call the flare.
- Flare will be spawned at invisible helipad.
- Only goes straight upwards, no angled shoots and no physics

* Move the "flare.stratis" folder into "C:\Users\Mitch\Documents\Arma3\missions" and open it. You`ll find a init.sqf and a flare.sqf file.
* Copy these to the missionfolder which you want the flare to use.
* Open the flare-mission in the editor and copy everything on the map (A helipad, a trigger and a unit) to the mission you want the flare to use.
* The unit provided with the mission has a command in the init-box which adds an entry to action menu which will launch the flare. If you don´t want this option, simply remove the unit and/or the init.sqf in the mission folder.
* The trigger provided can be used to trigger the flare via radio. If you don´t want this option, remove everything in the "On Act"-Box. The trigger also shows the approximate illuminated area.

* Use your actionmenu or your radio to spawn a flare where the helipad is.
* The script allows to launch multiple flares.
* If you change the helipads elevation the flare will launch in this height and doing so will fly higher than from the ground.

More advanced options:
* To change the entry in the actionmenu: Open the init.sqf with e.g. notepad.exe and change the entry “Launch flare” to whatever you like.
* To display height and speed of flare: Open the flare.sqf and remove the // from the lines
//_pos = getpos(flare);
//Hint format ["Height: %1\nSpeed: %2",_pos select 2,_v0];
* To change the maximum height of flare: Open the flare.sqf and change the values _v0 and/or _inc to whatever you like. Higher value in _v0 will increase the movement speed at the beginning with the same amount of speed lost over time. To increase the slowdown, change the _inc value instead. Note: Higher values of _inc won´t only increase the slowdown but also slightly increase the droprate when falling back.
* To change the type of flare: Open flare.sqf and change “F_40mm_White” to other types of Ammunition. I think Red, Blue and Green work. See for other types of ammunition. You could also spawn a bomb ;)
* To make the script only work once: remove the // from the lines //deletevehicle flare1; //player removeAction 0;

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Feel free to use/change.

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