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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 09-09-2013

Date: 2013-09-09 19:45

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UGV Controller


Lead a NATO technical task-force into the capture of a CSAT occupied settlement, while getting to operate the Stomper autonomous vehicle.

Alpha - Mechanized Infantry Unit
Bravo - Technical Task-force (you)
Crossroad - Command

  • Situation
  • CSAT forces have engaged in a hostile takeover of Stratis. As a response, NATO forces have launched an attack on the southern coast. Following this, multiple operations have been issued to increase NATO dominance on the island. You are the leader of Bravo squad, a technical task-force. For this mission, you have been issued the Stomper Unmanned Ground Vehicle, or "UGV". Your objective is Girna, a small port town on the south-western coast.

    Reports of enemy presence are conflicting. But you are mainly to expect infantry. In Girna, at minimum, there seem to be two individual sections stationed there at any time. However, as Girna is a logistical center of the southern part of the island, additional forces may currently be present. To the north, in Camp Tempest, there is confirmation of at least one squad sized unit, but there are also indicators that a four wheeled vehicle may be active in the area. Simultaneously, Mechanized Unit Alpha is launching an assault on Camp Maxwell to the east. While the two missions are separate, interference between the may be called upon if necessary.

    Capture Girna. Once Girna has been captured, dig in and establish a defensive perimeter. We are expecting a reactionary force from Camp Tempest, to the north. You are to be prepared to receive additional orders.

    1. Connect your UAV terminal to the Stomper Autonomous Vehicle.
    2. Assault and clear Girna of CSAT occupants.
    3. Establish a perimeter and prepare for a reaction force from the north.

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    UGV Controller [BETA]

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