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Requirements: Vilas Russian pack

Version: 4.0
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Date: 2009-10-07 21:06

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Infantry Pack
Lost Brothers

The pack contains a wide variety of IDF infantry units, both conventional and special operations units with different sets of gear and equipment.
It does NOT require any of the previous releases, but requires Vilas's weapons pack, simply copy it into yours ARMA addons directory or modfolder.

Just extract the pbo in the ArmA\Addons folder and you should be good to go.
Or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Known issues:
No blood textures. No shadow for Tavors. These things will be fixed later and we will also slowly be adding new weapons and new unit types. These units basically serve as a base model that we will develop over time. Yes I know they are not RHS quality, but rather then complain, if you are a texture artist, we welcome ANY help doing textures as well as any addon modellers that want to join us.

Breacher with Uzi-SD gets some little error message when you click on him sometimes in the mission editor. It doesn't effect the game however.

Givati Heavy AT unit has Javelin going through helmet. This is a BIS bug not ours (It does this with BIS units hence the reason why BIS didn't include a Javelin unit and only left the weapon in there). We are using the Javelin only as a place holder for our Spike SR ATGM that we hope to port over to ArmA from our OFP mod.

CH-53 is very unstable when flying as a player. Its not impossible to fly but very difficult. Hopefully we'll eventually fix this. However the good news is that the AI fly it beautifully. We hope to also add door gunners to this bird as well.

Change log:
- Added new weapons
- Added Ch-53

- Updated IDF Paratroopers
- Sayeret MATKAL Special operations units
- Egoz Counter Guerrilla force
- Givati Infantry brigade
- Updated Tavors with M203
- M4A1 Flattop rifles
- Sig P228 pistol

- Initial release

Infantry credits:
Model - Hayal (ephod vest, helmet, knee pads), BIS (arms, legs, inner torso, face), Jewish Freak and many different great models from Drill Sargent (Thank you for your work!).
Textures- Hayal (many textures mapped and edited by Jewish Freak with pilot textures edited by Miles Teg<GD>). NAHAL textures by Jewish Freak. S-13 textures are BIS textures heavily edited by Miles Teg<GD> with sections by Vipersheart.
IDF "Mitz'nefet" (clown hat) Jewish Freak.
Arab headdress (open) by me, Miles Teg<GD> with textures and modification by Newie and Calm Terror.
cpp.config- Jewish Freak and Miles Teg<GD>
conversion into ArmA- Jewish Freak & SFC. ITZHAK.
Egoz models modified from SWM Mod's ghillie suit sniper model.

Thank you to SFC.ITZHAK and Diversant for providing general assistance and ideas.

Weapons Credits:
M4's- Original model and textures: BIS, modified by Jewish Freak.
Car-15- Hayal.
Colt 9mm SMG- Hayal.
Meprolight 21 Sight- Jewish Freak, Textures: Hayal.
Iraqi AK47: The original AK model is by ORCs (a CS import), the gunsight is from INQ's Ak-47 in his weapons pack, and the pistol grip and .cpp coding by Calm Terror.
Iraqi AKM: textures and model by Vipersheart and Calm Terror. Sights by INQ, and rear folding stock by Vilas from his Polish AKM.
AK-47/M203 put together by Miles Teg<GD>.
SR-25 and M82A1 sniper rifles by King Homer.
Ruger 10/22- MG from a now gone Counter Strike mod converted by Calm Terror.
Negev- Model: Jewish Freak. Textures: Calm Terror.
Tavor- Model: Drill Sergeant, modified by Jewish Freak. Textures: Provided by SFC.
Itzhak, Mapped by Jewish Freak.
Glock-17- Model: Drill Sergeant. Textures: Jewish Freak.
Sig P226 & P228 by Jackal 326.
Shipon- AT-4 by BAS, modifed by Calm Terror into an IMI "Shipon" AT rocket.
Spike SR- Modified from FDF’s Euro Spike ATGM into the shoulder launched variant.

We'd like to thank Vilas for letting us use his Weapon Packs.

Most of the weapons were modified and in some cases fixed up by Miles Teg<GD> and Jewish Freak.

In addition many units use weapons from the Vilas/Project 85 mod's weapon pack and have equipment from the A1 Simmons Entry Tools pack.

The LoBo team would like to thank you for sticking with us (and ARMA), this release will be followed by a much bigger release, stay tuned.

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Vilas's Russian pack

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