Arma 2 info from Digitex and videos

spoock has posted 2 links to new Arma 2 previews which have been released after the BIS presentation at Digitex in the BIS forums.
The first can be found at Saigo's & Binariz3 blog and the second at
Both reviews are in Czech language but [CAVE]guerilla has tried to translate as much as he could and posted it in the topic as well.

Quote [CAVE]guerilla :
- you can comand around 100 AI and send them to 1 target
- better shader for dynamik lightning (Shader 3.0)
- dynamic shadows, really real light
- shooting with every weapon out of vehicles (not sure here)
- better swimming, twice as much soldier movements (not sure)

4 campaigns
    - 1 linear (i guess they mean straight)
    - 1 free (RPG?)
    - 1 total free (take a side and go to war)
    - 1 Multyplayer campaign (a dream comes true here)
Then something about importing the 3D VBS Editor and demolitation of houses with and without interior, they got 1 house working so far.

About 10 GB files (several DVD disks) for ARMA 2
Converting for XBOX360 with autoaim till 12/2008.

No dynamik destruction model like wished but something similar like shot a hole in a house and enter it, also possible for AI's. AI is gonna hide behind walls, pillows, trashcans, autos with surpressing fire and granates while flanking you somehow.

- DX10
- the grass is fat and low for better view, just better
- fog looks more real
- shadows, i did't understand that, so far the same as ARMA 1
- better smoke fx
- better forest texture with fog on the ground etc.
- beautiful object reflection if "ODLESKY" means reflection, dunno
- Viewdistance stays the same as ARMA 1 as there isn't even a cpu to handle this.

and more which i could'nt understand

Additionally 4 videos have been submitted to Youtube showing more of Arma 2.
You can view all 4 videos by clicking "Read more".

You can discuss Arma 2 in our forums.


Written on 2007-10-26 12:17 by Foxhound  

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