Tac-Ops Vehicle and Uniform modification by Zeotrope updated
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Zeotrope submitted an updated version of his Tac-Ops Vehicle and Uniform modification.

    Quote Zeotrope :
    This graphic based modification for existing ArmA 3 assets delivers a contemporary look to a full fleet of hand picked vehicles along with specialized and personalized uniforms and equipment pieces. The Tac-Ops addon aims to provide ArmA 3 owners the attention to detail that often gets overlooked when designers are forced to focus on the bigger picture.

    We hope you enjoy exploring and discovering the many subtle and dramatic design choices. From sweeping graphic decals that flank the majestic transport helicopters to the fine embroidery located on the strapping of an engineers backpack.

    If you want to enhance your already amazing ArmA 3 experience, take the time out to download and install our modification.

    • re-textured MK20 (Carbon Fibre)
    • re-textured MXM (Carbon Fibre)
    • re-textured Titan Compact (Carbon Fibre) [jlai]
    • re-textured NVG's (Carbon Fibre) - added to desert_coverall_1 config
    • fixed code error in dersert nvg's (coverall_2) [frost]
    • re-textured Jet Pilot's helmet -Australia-
    • re-textured light infantry helmet - carbon
    • re-textured light infantry helmet - carbon - Transformer
    • re-textured tactical vest - frost camo
    • re-textured tactical vest - silica tan
    • re-textured tactical vest - carbon fibre
    • changed all infantry from binoculars to rangefinders
    • altered gen2 loadout to include carbon titan
    • added HAFM atifacted full screen NVG's. Credit HAFM
    • created new 'chill' camo for snow units
    • added re-textured lionheart 'snowlion"
    • added re-textured littlebird snowdragon / snowbird
    • added re-textured snow griffin 04
    • added re-textured snow griffin medevac 05
    • added re-textured show pony (littlebird) scarlet red - unarmed
    • altered hog naming convention to alphabetise
    • fixed issue with showpony tail decal not displaying correctly
    • added dragonfly decal to nose of dragon little bird
    • alterd display name for dragon little bird
    • added re-textured mohawk - marine one

Written on 2014-12-14 10:31 by Zeotrope  

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