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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.9

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Date: 2007-10-27 08:26

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RHS T-64 MBT preview pack

This pack is a beta / preview version of Kenjis T-64MBT pack.

The pack features completely new detailled models, new textures, random numbers, normal and specular maps.

Also we use the freshly introduced Addon signing for the first time to prevent altering the addons to chect in MP.

In further versions more variants and interiours will be added.

- T-64B ( 1975 variant )
- T-64BU ( SLA Version )
- Simple Demo mission by Kenji
- Info pdf
- Normal readme

Just extract the pbo(s) in the addons-folder and you should be good to go.
Or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

You find the vehicles on the OPFOR Side under RHS Amored ( T-64 75 )
and the default OPFOR Amored section ( T-64BU SLA ).

Place the file you find in the T-64MBT Demo mission folder
in your ArmA SP missions folder for a simple Demo mission.

In the Armour of the World T-64.pdf you find nice info on the MBT
and its development along with a fictional story on the T-64BU SLA.

Also you find the RHS Server Key folder and in it the RHS.bikey file.
This file is for servers that want to support Addon signatures.

Special thanks to:
... by no special order ...

- Kenji: Models, textures, configs
- AK74M/DKM: NSV Machinegun model
- Raedor/DKM: Number scripts
- Soul Assassin: Number textures, testing
- Shadow NX, Cameron McDonald, AK/Pavel: Testing
- Parvus, NSX, Aimpoint: Screenshot art
- Jerry Hopper: Help with addon signatures

- Bohemia Interactive: ArmA itself ;)

All BIS forum members and others we may have fogotten - For help and support.

Use this Addon at your own risk, RHS and its members are not responsible
for any damage caused to your PC or your ArmA installation.

Contact us on BI Forums or via Email if you have questions.

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