Author: tpw
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 20210321
Signed: Yes

Short description: TPW MODS is a modular and highly configurable suite of addons designed to increase the civilian, environmental, sonic, climatic and military ambience and realism of the A3 single player experience.

Date: 2021-03-22 08:47

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TPW Mods


TPW MODS is a modular and highly configurable suite of addons designed to increase the civilian, environmental, sonic, climatic and military ambience and realism of the A3 single player experience. You can use the TPW MODS of your choice to enhance existing missions and campaigns, or to simply turn any empty map into an immersive living world a la Far Cry 3 or 4, with endless replayability. All mods interoperate well, are light on resources and a lot of work has gone into optimising them so they should not cause undue slowdowns or framerate issues. TPW MODS is under constant development, and continues to be refined and expanded largely due to user feedback and suggestions.

Infantry realism
Units reacting realistically to suppressive fire by ducking/going prone and seeking cover (TPW EBS)*.
Units reacting to falls and bullet hits by falling/ragdolling to the ground (TPW FALL).
Units continuing to bleed from injuries, resulting in decreased mobility and eventually incapacitation and death if not treated (TPW BLEEDOUT).
Units able to self heal using First Aid Kits (TPW BLEEDOUT).
Units rapidly reacting to nearby enemies they have line of sight to (TPW LOS)*.
Sounds for jumping, falling, rolling and turning prone, sounds for freefalling and under canopy (TPW FALL).
Plausible 2035 mesh networked HUD with range and predictive targetting, bullet trajectory tracing, positional audio ping of nearest enemies, electrochromic tinting, and full colour night vision, when equipped with tactical goggles (TPW HUD).
Highly configurable ambient infantry combat, with AI able to call in support (TPW SKIRMISH).
More realistic (slower) movement and stance change speeds.
* Deprecated due to engine improvements

Region specific civilians in towns, walking around and interacting with each other, and reacting to weather and gunfire (TPW CIVS).
Denser CPU friendly civilian crowds along the side of the road and near houses (TPW CROWD).
Civilian traffic, which you may commandeer (TPW CARS).
Civilian cars parked by the side of the road near habitable houses (TPW PARK).
Civilian boats (TPW BOATS).
Ohally's CAF Aggressors Middle Eastern and African civilians, RDS A2 Eastern European civilians and cars, Leight's Opfor Pack Middle Eastern civilians, and CUP civilians and vehicles will be used appropriately if present.
Maxjoiner's women will be used as female civilians on Greek and European maps, if the mod is present.

Lights in civilian houses at night (TPW HOUSELIGHTS).
Working streetlights on A2/OA maps (TPW STREETLIGHTS)**.
Appropriate sized flocks of sheep/goats/chickens, and randomly barking dogs / yowling cats (TPW ANIMALS).
Occasional helicopter and jet flybys, with automatic support for 3rd party aircraft mods (TPW AIR).
Ambient environmental noises (voices, traffic, radio music, loudspeakers), with support for user added sounds/music (TPW SOAP).
Mosques playing the Azan call to prayer at appropriate times, with prayer response from nearby houses (TPW SOAP).
Nearby gunfire eliciting screaming, babies crying and dogs barking, from houses near the player (TPW SOAP).
Creaking doors/timbers in houses, with whistling wind and rattling windows in windy conditions (TPW SOAP).
Ambient radio chatter on foot and in/near vehicles, with support for Russian radio chatter in RHS Russian vehicles (TPW RADIO).
Civs/animals/cars/parked cars/radio/houselights/streetlights/sounds easily excluded from entire areas of the map using triggers.
Glowing blinking animated fireflies on warm summer evenings (TPW FIREFLIES).
Ambient furniture in enterable Tanoan and Altian building and houses (TPW FURNITURE).
** Deprecated due to CUP Terrains implementing working streetlights

Region specific climate (TPW FOG).
Ground fog, units with foggy breath, and a chance of snow, during colder weather (TPW FOG).
Ground heat haze / mirage effects during hot weather (TPW FOG).
Dust storm functionality which may be called via script or trigger (TPW FOG).
Dynamic ground mist reacting to humidity, tree cover, and rainfall (TPW FOG).
Dynamic snow which will not fall through buildings/ cover, snow goggle fx, snow fx in vehicles (TPW FOG).
Rain droplet effects on most exposed ground and object surfaces near the player (TPW RAINFX).
Refractive rain droplet effects on car windscreens and player goggles (TPW RAINFX).
Puddles on the ground around the player during and after rain (TPW PUDDLE).

To install the TPW Mods you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Armaholic note:
.exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when any file you download from our website causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing these files is totally at your own risk!

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the TPW Mods please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Credits & Thanks:
I have so many people to thank for their help, advice, support, feedback and friendship that I can't list them all. The incredible Arma community is what makes this game worth contributing to. Thanks everyone.

I totally refuse to accept responsibility for anything that might happen to your game/computer/life as a result of using my mods.

If you accept this, then feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and properly acknowledge the original author (tpw) in any derivative works. Wrapping my unacknowledged work up inside your pbo addon and monetising it does not count as returning it to the community. Distributing my work via Steam Worskshop is expressly forbidden.

Changelog: (22-03-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
[CORE 1.83, FOG 1.86, SOAP 1.59] Added Mull of Kintyre support. Extended AI animations after recovering from incapacitation may now be toggled with tpw_core_extended_enable (off by default). Added Art of War civilian clothing. Added support for clothing from Hunting Mod by krzychuzokecia. Removed occasional popup xxxmusic errors.

[ANIMALS 1.62] Added red grouse and red deer sounds to Scottish Highlands.
[CORE 1.83] Additional code to prevent disable/reenable animations on player

[BLEEDOUT 1.38] Previously injured units will bleed out at an increased rate if injured again.
[CORE 1.82, FOG 18.5, SOAP 1.58] Added Scottish Highlands (Corran) support.
[FALL 1.71] Improved hit handling for prone units. Previously injured units more likely to be killed outright.

[BLEEDOUT 1.37] Fix for units occasionally being stuck writhing.
[CORE 1.81] Refactored unit disable/reenable routines to prevent non responsive and bugged units. Removed bugged injury animations. Added additional animations after unit is re-enabled after injury.
[DUCK 1.14] AI in the player's squad will return to formation after fleeing a grenade.
[FOG 1.84] Snow can be properly toggled off/on using tpw_fog_snowflag false/true (Thanks AZCoder)
[SOAP 1.57] Fixed sporadic car music errors.
[SKIRMISH] Squads will not spawn outside map boundaries. Squads exhibit more naturalistic movement - occasional stopping, relaxed animations when stopped, looser formation adherence, less time with weapons raised when not in combat. Squads will not abandon dead and (will attempt to heal) incapacitated members. Added LDF, Spetnaz and NATO Woodland as user selectable (9,10 and 11 respectively).

[CORE 1.80,FOG 1.83, SOAP 1.54] Added support for Orglandes
[ANIMALS 1.61] Added support for walk3r's ambient brown bears (includes custom bear noises) on densely forested European maps.
[CORE 1.80,BOATS 1.41 CARS 1.71, CIVS 1.65, CROWD 1.22] Consolidated civ spawning code into CORE. Balanced male/female ratio. Improved support for Max Women, Max Women at Work, Cup Civs, Timberwolf Females, Crasus Shirt Mod, Aengus Civilians, SC Civilians, Arganiny Civilians.
[SKIRMISH 1.55] Squads will not run everywhere if there are no nearby enemies.

[CORE 1.79,FOG 1.82, SOAP 1.53] Fix for Makhno maps throwing SafePositionAnchor errors. Added Halso.
[ANIMALS 1.60] Added occasional flying bird noises
[FOG 1.82] Will ignore hidden trees for dewpoint calculations. Increased mist on N'Ziwasogo
[PUDDLE 1.04] Puddles aligned to ground surface correctly
[SOAP 1.53] Fixed occasional "Cannot play XXXX_music0" bug

[ANIMALS 1.59, CORE 1.79, FOG 1.81, SOAP 1.54] Added RKSPKL and Chernarus 2020 support.

[SOAP 1.53] Added Finnish soundpack. Fixed car stereo errors on maps with undefined ethnicity.

[ANIMALS 1.58, CORE 1.78, FOG 1.80, SOAP 1.52] Added Virolahti, Esseker and Uzbin Valley.
[CORE 1.78] Hidden houses ignored for all ambience.
[SOAP 1.52] Added car stereos to civilian traffic.

[ANIMALS 1.57, CORE 1.77, FOG 1.79, SOAP 1.51] Added Svartmarka.
[CORE 1.77, CARS 1.70, PARK 1.30] tpw_core_excludestrings[] will now correctly exclude vehicles and civilians. E.g. "IDAP" will exclude IDAP civilians and vehicles.

tpw_animal_crows = 1; // crows will build up around dead bodies. 0 = no crows
[CORE 1.76, FOG 1.78, SOAP 1.50] Added Khoramshahr.
[ANIMALS 1.56] Crows may be configured on or off.
[CORE 1.76] More injury animations added. Units will immediately stop playing injury animation if killed.
[DUCK 1.13] Improved AI reaction to nearby grenades by running away and diving to the ground - should improve grenade survivability (thanks Mickeymen). Player suppression deactivated in vehicles to prevent anomalous behaviour (thanks Mickeymen).
[FALL 1.70] Prone units will ragdoll instead of flinching. Hit (by bullets or the ground) units will be temporarily "dazed" and less effective. Injured prone units will no longer soak up damage.
[SKIRMISH 1.54] Adjusted speed of sound calculations so that camera shake is slightly delayed after hearing explosions.
[SOAP 1.50] Added train sounds to Ruha.

[CORE 1.75, FOG 1.77, RAINFX 1.21, SOAP 1.49] Added Cham Winter.
[MUFFLER] Reconfigured to patch JSRS_Soundmod_Complete.
[SKIRMISH 1.53] Any faction may be assigned civilian clothing by adding 0.1 to its number. e.g 7 = FIA, 7.1 = FIA in civilian clothing, -7.1 = FIA in civilian clothes + shemaghs. -0.1 = custom faction in civ clothes + shemaghs. Improved damage ambience around explosions: immediate terrain objects vapourised, nearby objects damaged, trees reduced to stumps, more persistent haze.

[ANIMALS 1.55] Wild boars with customised grunting sounds will spawn in forested areas, if using EO's ambient boar mod. Flapping wingbeat noises for nearby crows.
[CARS 1.69] Fixed bug when spawning mideast passenger clothing.
[CROWD 1.21] Fixed bug when spawning mideast clothing.
[CORE 1.74] Support for EO's Ravaged/Frithified civilians.
[CORE 1.74, FOG 1.76, SOAP 1.48] Support for Temppa's Cham terrain.
[DUCK 1.12] tpw_duck_nosquad should now properly exclude the players squad from suppression if set to 1.
[SKIRMISH 1.52] Proper 3D "Contact" craters at bombsites.
[SOAP 1.48] Lapping water noises near ponds and rivers.

[ANIMALS 1.54] Crows will congregate above areas with dead bodies.
[CARS 1.68, CIVS 1.65, CORE 1.73, CROWD 1.20] Support for Aengus' Casual Civilian Clothing mod. Support for Arganiny's Civilian Project mod. Support for Weferlingen civilians.

[ANIMALS 1.53] Frog support for Livonia.
[CORE 1.72] Prescanning available building types - massively reduced house scanning overhead. Added support for additional Livonian civilian clothing.
[FIREFLIES 1.10] Buzzing flies will spawn around Livonian manure piles.
[FURNITURE 1.06] Preliminary furniture support for Livonia.
[LIVONIA] *OPTIONAL NEW MOD* Patches out the overly loud ambient "silence" on Livonia.

[CARS 1.67] Orphaned drivers or passengers from commandeered or crashed vehicles will be deleted if out of sight of the player (thanks AirShark). Fixed setfuel error (also thanks AirShark).
[CROWDS 1.19] Civs will not despawn if closer than 20m to the player, even if not visible (thanks AirShark).
[DUCK 1.11] Degree of visual blur when suppressed may now be specified. 0 = no blur -> 1 = strong blur. Player will get slight blurring of vision when any bullets pass by, and stronger blurring and other FX when suppressed by enemy bullets (thanks mickeymen).
[SKIRMISH 1.51] Changed behaviour of units to prevent walking under combat conditions (thanks Zakuaz). Proper selection of multiple custom unit or vehicle strings (thanks Valken)

[CORE 1.71, FOG 1.75, SOAP 1.47] Added preliminary support for Livonia DLC terrain.
[ALL] Added global delay to all mods to allow all TPW CORE functions to complete initialising.
[CARS 1.66] Improved range of default Arma3 vehicles spawned (more vans and trucks). Prevent cars from running out of fuel. Better stuck car removal code.
[CROWD 1.18] Improved idle animation speeds. Distant simulation disabled civs will now disperse if cars nearby. Injured/dead crowd civs will now be removed after 30 seconds or so, if not in view of player.
[HUD 1.74] Simplified unit dots brightness will match overall HUD brightness (thanks Zakuaz).
[MUFFLER] Reduced engine/rpm pitch correlations (ie engines won't rev to such high rpm). Vans now get more appropriate diesel MRAP sounds. Trucks get more appropriate Ural sounds.
[PUDDLE 1.03] Will use Livonian puddle objects if available.

Reveal hidden contents
[ANIMALS 1.52] Will not spawn animal ambience if tpw_core_battle == True.
[CIVS 1.20] Code improvements
[CORE 1.70] Support for DADPAT uniforms for civs if available.
[DUCK 1.10] Player suppression effects may be enabled: pulsing slightly blurred peripheral vision, increased heartrate and panting.
[FIREFLIES 1.09] Will not spawn insects if tpw_core_battle == True.
[HUD 1.73] HUD display will temporarily turn red if player is suppressed (by TPW DUCK). Health display will turn red if player is actively bleeding.
[MUFFLER] *NEW MOD* Patches JSRS soundmod so that default Arma3 vehicles have reduced engine and car collision volume and range, and increased tyre/wind volume and range.

Reveal hidden contents
[ANIMS] Reduced speed of rolling onto front from injury (Thanks mickeymen).
[CARS 1.65] Drivers/passengers from commandeered vehicles will simply despawn.
[CIVS 1.63] Civs will move off the road if cars pass nearby, and will immediately head to the nearest building and stay there for the duration of battle or rain. Civ to civ interaction functions removed, since they are superseded by TPW CROWD. New automatic waypoint behaviour, no need for user to specify waypoint number. Reduced incidence of stuck civs. Civs closer than 25m to player will run if player's weapon is raised.
[CROWD 1.17] Fixed issue where crowd civs would occasionally fail to disperse. Civs closer than 25m to player will run if player's weapon is raised.
[DUCK 1.09] tpw_core_battle will be set to true every 10th suppression event, so that distant firefights will trigger civilian ambience changes.
[PARK 1.29] No car alarms on bicycles!
[SANITY 1.01] Collisions disabled between cars and friendlies for those occasions when the car doesn't stop in time (just to be sure!). Code improvements.
[SOAP 1.46] Added distant train noises for maps with rail (Weferlingen, Tanoa, Rosche, Chernarus). Please let me know if there are other maps you'd like added to this list.

Reveal hidden contents
[CORE 1.69] A new global variable, tpw_core_battle, will be set to true for 1-2 minutes if nearby gunfire/grenades/HE to player. This will affect ambient civilians, cars, and noises.
[CARS 1.64] Footbound avoidance routines moved to TPW SANITY. Cars will stop if tpw_core_battle == true. Code cleanups.
[CIVS 1.62, CROWD 1.16] Civs will disperse if tpw_core_battle == true, using jogging animation rather than ridiculous running animation. Stationary civs will disperse if vehicle traffic is close by.
[DUCK 1.08] tpw_core_battle will be set to true after grenade explosions.
[SANITY 1.00] *NEW MOD* Vehicle AI will temporarily slow down or stop near footbound friendly players and AI.
[SKIRMISH 1.50] Footbound avoidance routines moved to TPW SANITY. tpw_core_battle will be set to true after HE explosions.
[SOAP 1.45] Ambient noises will be reduced if tpw_core_battle == true.

Latest changes:
[HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] tpw_park_include[] = {"RDS","LOP_","CIV","CUP_C","GM"}; // strings to select classnames of custom cars , tpw_car_include[] = {"RDS","LOP_","CIV","CUP_C","GM"}; // strings to select classnames of custom cars
[CORE 1.68, SOAP 1.44, FOG 1.174] Added Kujari, Summer and Winter Weferlingen to region lists.
[ANIMALS 1.51] Added frog support to Summer Weferlingen.
[CARS 1.63, PARK 1.28] Added support for Weferlingen civilian vehicles. Car alarms only triggered once when car damaged multiple times.
[CIVS 1.61, CROWD 1.15] Civilians disperse and flee properly when gunfire near the player.
[FALL 1.69] Fix for fallen units being stuck on the floor inside buildings.
[RAINFX 1.20] Fix for helmet and raised weapon rain noises failing to play when looking down sights. Will autodisable on Winter Weferlingen.
[SOAP 1.44] Ambient sounds disabled for several minutes if there is gunfire near the player.
[SKIRMISH 1.49] Added experimental support for tanks and armoured vehicles, which can be specified in tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring, tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring and tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring in your TPW_MODS.hpp

[HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] tpw_animal_saddleperc = 10; // % of horses spawned with saddles (if using dbo_horses)
[ANIMALS 1.50] User may now specify the percentage of horses spawned with saddles (Thanks Alpha-Kilo).

[ALL] Proper fix for all 'bin\config.bin/CfgSounds/XXX.titles' bugs. Huge thanks to LarsAspra
[ANIMALS 1.49] Added panting noises to nearby dogs

[CORE 1.67, SOAP 1.44, FOG 1.73] Added St George and Summa to region lists.
[ANIMALS 1.47] Added pseudo reverb effect to animal calls.
[BLEEDOUT 1.36] Added random time before threshold injury triggers AI self healing, to prevent self-healing immediately after wounding (thanks mickeymen).
[FIREFLIES 1.08] Adjusted default colour, brightness and size of fireflies. Removed BIS Fireflies which can appear in plague proportions on many maps (many thanks to .kju for help with this).
[RADIO 1.34] Player must have radio in inventory in order to hear radio messages when footbound (thanks Valken).
[SKIRMISH 1.48] Fixed dead unit despawn bug (thanks syf).

[CORE 1.66, SOAP 1.43] Added Montella to region lists.
[FOG 1.72] Improved heat haze effects. Dustdevils on treeless areas of hot desert / middle eastern / central asian maps.
[HUD 1.71] American players can now select temperature display in Fahrenheit using ctrl + alt + f.
[SOAP 1.43] Fixed errors for maps not on the SOAP list. Added additional winter maps. Improved traffic ambience.

[CORE 1.65, FOG 1.71,SOAP 1.41] Added Mogadishu, Anizay to region lists. Duststorm fx are now disabled during rain.
[FALL 1.67] Reduced incidence and severity of prone units cartwheeling when killed.
[PARK 1.27] Trucks and vans no longer excluded from parked vehicles.
[SOAP 1.41] Improved German EQ, reverb and sound balancing. Fixed issues with polyglot sounds not playing correctly. Improved sound levels between regions. Improved balance of kid sounds and house noise sounds.

[ANIMALS 1.45] Decreased shark density.
[CORE 1.64, FOG 1.70, SOAP 1.40] Added additional Rosche buildings. Added Rosche to region lists. Added German soundpack for Rosche and other German maps.
[PARK 1.26] Adjusted parking positions to better cope with narrower roads.

[BOATS 1.40, CARS 1.62] Persian drivers/passengers in civilian clothing on mideast and central asian maps , if not using CUP civs or equivalent.
[CORE 1.63, FOG 1.68, RAINFX 1.19, SOAP 1.39] Added Vis, Trava, Pianosa, Winter 2035 Altis and Winter 2035 Stratis.
[PARK 1.25] Reduced incidence of unenterable (!alive) parked cars. Removed IDAP UGVs from parked vehicles list.
[ZOMBIES 1.04] Fixed parked car despawning to work with TPW PARK 1.24+.

[ALL] Changed installer location and documentation to avoid confusion.
[CIVS 1.60, CROWDS 1.14] Will now spawn Persians in standard clothing as civs on mideast and central asian maps, if not using CUP civs.
[CORE 1.62, FOG 1.68, SOAP 1.38] Added Saint Kapaulio, Wamako to region lists.
[PARK 1.25] Parked cars always spawned undamaged.
[RADIO 1.33] Reduced player radio volume. Fixed random time between radio messages.

[CORE 1.61, FOG 1.67, SOAP 1.37] Added Sennoe and Hebontes to region lists.
[CROWDS 1.13] Simplified visibility calculations for a massive decrease in CPU spiking.
[FALL 1.66] Noises for looking down sights can be disabled.
[FIREFLIES 1.07] Reduced fly volume and radius around rubbish bins.
[FOG 1.67] Reduced fog density on Tanoa.
[PARK 1.24] Totally refactored the code: uses prespawned cars for much lower CPU use and far fewer close vehicle popins.
[RADIO 1.32] Fixed the "Sound TPW_SOUNDS\sounds\radio\radioXX.ogg not found" error messages when radio played near vehicles.
[RAINFX 1.18] Rain droplet noises can be disabled.
[SOAP 1.37] Added conversational Greek sounds to complement the existing market and restaurant ambience. Added sounds of distant children.

[CORE 1.59, FOG 1.64, SOAP 1.35] Added SE Angola and Ruha to region lists.
[FALL 1.65] Playsound now used for weapon raising/lowering noises.
[PARK 1.23] Reduced incidence of cars spawning in view of player.
[RADIO 1.31] Playsound now used for player radio.
[RAINFX 1.17] Playsound now used for rain droplet noises.

[BLEEDOUT 1.35] Added the option to allow incapacitated units to be recognised as enemies and fired upon by AI.
[CORE 1.59 FOG 1.64 SOAP 1.35] Added Pulau to region lists.
[DUCK 1.07] Added option to exclude player's squadmates from suppression routines.
[FALL 1.64] Added noises for looking down weapon sights. Thanks to Lord Jarhead for the idea and sounds.

[CORE 1.58, FOG 1.63, SOAP 1.34] Added Vidda to region lists.
[ANIMALS 1.44] Added delay to prevent wolves howling immediately on mission start if the other conditions for their spawning are met.
[RAIN FX 1.16] Rain drop noise on exposed helmets and raised weapons. Many thanks to the inimitable Lord Jarhead for the idea and the sounds.

[CORE 1.57, SOAP 1.33] Added Porquerolles to region lists.
[SOAP 1.33] Added additional forest ambience: creaking trees, small animals rustling leaves and undergrowth, twigs snapping etc.
[ZOMBIES 1.03] Updated to work with Max Joiners Zombies v1.0 (will not work with earlier releases), for smoother zombie animations and improved performance. No longer supports civilian zombies, only Max Joiner zombies. Zombies will spawn in nearby buildings as well as outdoor areas.

[ANIMALS 1.43] Man eating sharks will occasionally spawn around the player in deep water (requires THA_Sharks). Wolves will occasionally howl at night on European maps (can be disabled, or forced on all maps). Hooting owls will be heard in forested areas at night. Fox screams will be heard occasionally at night. "Dawn chorus" of birds an hour before sunrise.
[CARS 1.61] Code improvements.
[RADIO 1.30] Added over 60 new radio calls for improved variety. Improved randomisation of calls.

[FIRE 1.01] Prioritised fires based on distance, should prevent nearby fires going out/restarting.
[PARK 1.22] Totally refactored the fossilised code. Better performance, far less vehicle popin, no exploding vehicles.
[SKIRMISH 1.47] Improved screening of group leader code to further prevent anomalous behaviour of player squad AI, especially in vehicles (thanks Valken for the heads up).
[ZOMBIES 1.02] Changed ambience removal code to suit PARK 1.22.

[CROWD 1.12] Crowd civs lips move to simulate conversation.
[FIRE 1.00] *New* Highly configurable ambient fires in barrels and fireplaces at night.
[HOUSELIGHTS 1.17] Improved lit house removal code.
[PARK 1.21] Car alarms may be set off if parked cars are damaged by gunfire or explosions.
[SKIRMISH 1.46] Fixed bug with vehicle/civilian collision disabling code when TPW CIVS is inactive.
[SOAP 1.32] Chainsaw volume is now configurable.
[ZOMBIES 1.01] Zombies can (optionally) track all units. Zombies will not spawn in water.

[CORE 1.54, BOATS 1.39, CARS 1.60, CIVS 1.59, CROWD 1.11] Mapstrings to enable region specific civilians have been consolidated into TPW CORE's init. All civilians spawned using CIVS, CROWD, CARS, BOATS, ZOMBIES will use these civilian types.
[CORE 1.54, ANIMALS 1.42, BOATS 1.39, CARS 1.60, CIVS 1.59, CROWD 1.11, HOUSELIGHTS 1.16, SOAP 1.31] Early morning and late evening times for reducing ambience have been shifted to TPW_CORE's init. tpw_core_morning and tpw_core_night -> setting these to -1 and 25 respectively will disable ambience reduction.
[BLEEDOUT 1.34, DUCK 1.06, FALL 1.63] Zombies (anything with "zomb" in their classname or assigned by TPW ZOMBIES) excluded.
[SKIRMISH 1.45] You may now use simple pattern matching to select units and vehicles. eg "ADF_*_D" will select "ADF_AR_D", "ADF_CLS_D", ADF_RFL_D" etc
[ZOMBIES 1.00] New mod. Ambient zombies will spawn around player. Requires maxjoiner's zombies addon.

[CIVS 1.58] User may now specify a script or function to call on each spawned civ.
[CORE 1.53] Added Chernarus Redux houses.
[HUD 1.70] HUD may be toggled on/off with CTRL + ALT + E. Removed redundant HUD text configuration from HPP.
[SOAP 1.30] Reduced pauses between sounds. Fixed issue where sounds would occasionally stop spawning around player.

[ANIMALS 1.41, FIREFLIES 1.06, RADIO 1.29, REPAIR 1.01, SOAP 1.29] Consolidated all sounds and music into tpw_sounds.pbo. Please delete tpw_azan.pbo and tpw_ambience.pbo
[ANIMALS 1.41] Nearby sheep will baa.
[FALL 1.62] Removed superseded freefall and parachute noises.
[HUD 1.69] Added notification messages for all HUD keypresses. HUD properly deactivates standard NV goggles if activating full colour HUD NV. Thanks to Alpha-Kilo for the bug reports and suggestions!
[REPAIR 1.01] User may specify maximum repair time in minutes. Minimum repair time is 30 sec regardless. Thanks to Badanov for the suggestion.
[SOAP 1.29] Better balancing of ambient sounds and music. Improved playback variety - reduced incidence of identical sounds/songs playing from multiple houses. Reduced traffic volume for Chernarus Redux.

[BOATS 1.28,CARS 1.59] Reverted dev build fixes, which were bugging out on stable build!
[PARK 1.20] Reduced incidence of cars spawning directly in front of player
[REPAIR 1.00] New mod. Damaged vehicles will automatically be repaired when pulled up at fuel stations. Thanks to heyvern69 for the suggestion.

[PARK 1.19] Cars will spawn properly settled on their springs.
[SOAP 1.28] Additional traditional mid eastern music. Adjusted attenuation so that voices/music don't carry as far, to reduce "restaurant-like" ambience.
[SKIRMISH 1.44] User may now specify the time period (default 5 minutes) after which dead SKIMISH units will be removed.

[CORE 1.52, FOG 1.62, SOAP 1.27] Added Farkhar Valley to relevant climate and region lists.
[CORE 1.52] Fixed bug which occasionally prevented house scanning on mission start if using random start position.
[BOATS 1.37, CARS 1.58] Attempts to fix intermittent CTD bug when using CUP civilians on latest dev builds. Warning: I am sick and tired of dev builds breaking things, so am reverting to building and only guaranteeing support of TPW MODS against the latest stable build from now on.
[FOG 1.62] Increased visibility fade in/out time for tpw_fog_fnc_duststorm.
[PARK 1.18] Additional code to ensure the tpw_park_active toggle works correctly. Increased scanning frequency to reduce car popin.
[SKIRMISH 1.43] User may now specify multiple strings for custom factions and vehicles.
[SOAP 1.27] Adjusted telephone and respiratory ambience volume.

[CORE 1.51, FOG 1.61, SOAP 1.26] Added Hellanmaa to relevant climate and region lists.
[FALL 1.61] Improved Polpox exclusion.
[SOAP 1.26] Edited out a few annoying repetitive sounds. Added additional respiratory ambience: coughs, sneezes, crying etc.

[BLEEDOUT 1.33, CORE 1.50] Resolved anomalous behaviour where dead units flipped onto their backs.
[FALL 1.60] Units using Polpox Calm animations excluded from TPW FALL.

[BOATS 1.36] Sampans will be used on Prei Khmaoch Luong, Song Bin Tanh and Unsung map waterways, if using the Unsung mod.
[CORE 1.49, ANIMALS 1.40, CIVS 1.57, CROWD 1.10, HOUSELIGHTS 1.15, PARK 1.17, SOAP 1.25] Replaced multiple redundant habitable house scanning code.
[CORE 1.49, FOG.60, SOAP 1.25] Added Unsung maps to relevant climate and region lists (thanks to ReznikDeznik for classnames).
[FALL 1.59] Prone units will not use animated falls if hit.
[HUD 1.68] Reimplemented networked goggle simulation, so simplified HUD now shows icons for any units which any goggle wearers in the players squad have line of sight to.
[SKIRMISH 1.42] Improved dead body removal code.

[BOATS 1.35, CARS 1.57, CIVS 1.56, CROWD 1.09] Greatly reduced civs/traffic spawned between 2300 and 0400.
[CORE 1.48] Fixed broken blacklist functionality.
[HOUSELIGHTS 1.14] Optimised ceiling detection code for spawning lights. Less performance impact, more likely to spawn light in a plausible location. No houselights between 2300 and 0400.
[HUD 1.67] Overhaul of simplified HUD: Units are coloured based on side as per full HUD; improved alpha-blended simplified HUD dot icon; range rounded to the nearest 5m; player can switch between none/simplified/full unit icon display with Ctrl+ Alt + U whilst in game.
[SOAP 1.24] Adjusted volume multipliers so that sounds better match civilian numbers.

[ANIMALS 1.39] Changed shark spawning parameters so they're more likely to be seen around the player - sharks are still highly unlikely to eat you since they use Feint's shark FSM and prefer to hunt fish rather than humans.
[HUD 1.66] Added a simplified icon display mode for improved performance, this is now enabled by default. Improved range detection code (thanks Pierre MGI, re-enabled by default. Re-enabled proximity detection.

[ANIMALS 1.38] Sharks will spawn around player in deeper water (requires Feint's Sharks addon). Can be toggled with tpw_animal_shark = 1/0.
[CORE 1.48, FOG 1.59] Added Tembelan to region and climate list.
[CIVS 1.55, CROWD 1.08] Reduced incidence of civs spawning with IDAP backpacks.
[HOUSELIGHTS 1.13] User may now specify radius around player in which to spawn lights (default 75m).
[HUD 1.65] Unit scanning, proximity and range are now disabled by default in the HPP (performance reasons).
[SKIRMISH 1.41] Player will no longer spam move messages to AI squadmates.
[SOAP 1.23] Added Tembelan (French).

[CORE 1.47, FOG 1.58] Hunters Valley, Beketov, Ryderwood, Chernarus winter, Utes winter, Thirsk winter, Artic added to region and climate list
[DUCK 1.04] Editor placed units in crouch/kneel will stay that way until suppressed.
[FALL 1.58] You may now specify a minimum time for a hit unit to remain incapacitated.
[SOAP 1.22] No ambience from damaged houses.

[CORE 1.46, FOG 1.57] Napf Winter added to region and climate lists.
[DUCK 1.03] Grenade dodging may be configured on/off.
[SOAP 1.20] Telephone noises added.

[CORE 1.45, FOG 1.56, SOAP 1.20] Chernarus redux added to region, climate and sound list.
[DUCK 1.02] AI units will try to run away from nearby grenades.

[CARS 1.56, PARK 1.11] Added IDAP vehicles to car list.
[CORE 1.44, SOAP 1.19] Bozcaada added to region and sound lists. Added IDAP civilians to Mediterranean, European and Oceanian maps.
[DUCK 1.01] Suppression fx no longer affect player when switching units.
[FURNITURE 1.05] Added new BIS furniture content. Performance improvement by spawning furniture as simpleobjects.

[INSTALLER] Removed desktop shortcut for the TPW Settings.jar which is no longer packaged with TPW MODS.
[BOATS 1.33] Improved cleanup of dead and damaged boats and drivers/passengers.
[CIVS 1.54] Fixed sporadic "Error Undefined variable in expression: _house".
[CORE 1.43] Removed sport/surf clothing from civilians.
[DUCK 1.00] *NEW MOD* AI units will now properly keep their heads down when suppressed.
[HUD 1.65] Optimised perframe performance.

[BLEEDOUT 1.32, FALL 1.57] Finally squashed the bug causing completely frozen unresponsive units under certain rare conditions.
[CIVS 1.53, CORE 1.42, CROWD 1.07] User may now specify mod specific strings to select civilians for the 6 civilian regions TPW CORE assigns : Mediterranean (Altis/Stratis/Malden), Oceanic (Tanoa), Europe (eg Chernarus), Mideast (eg Takistan), Africa (eg N'Ziwasogo) and Asia (eg Prei Khmoach Luong). Will fall back to BIS civs if no units matching the strings can be found.
[FIREFLIES 1.05] Reduced volume of mosquitoes and flies around player.
[SKIRMISH 1.40] Massive performance overhaul: simplification of random spawn point and waypoint code - far less stuttering especially on extremely dense maps such as Prei Khmoach Luong. Removed binoculars from squad leaders to prevent them staying unmoving indefinitely scanning the surroundings. Frozen units (stuck on terrain etc) will be removed.
[SOAP 1.18] Slightly reduced chainsaw volume. Adjusted per map traffic volumes.

[CORE 1.41, FOG 1.55, SOAP 1.18] Added Prei Khmaoch Luong to region, sound and climate list.
[HUD 1.64] Fixed per frame icon display bug which caused performance degradation with dev build 1.73.142285

[CARS 1.55] Improved code to prevent cars too close to player.
[CORE 1.40, FOG 1.54, SOAP 1.17] Added Lythium to region, sound and climate list.
[SOAP 1.17] Occasional distant chainsaws in forested areas. Adjusted volume and duration of ISIS propaganda broadcasts for mideast maps. Adjusted volume of children on French maps. Added dynamic urban traffic ambience.

[BLEEDOUT 1.31] Streamlined code. Writhing units will occasionally gasp.
[CORE 1.39] Improved unit disabling/reenabling code. No more units stuck on the ground in BLEEDOUT or FALL!
[FALL 1.56] Streamlined and simplified code, removed redundant ragdolling code - AI always use setunconscious for ragdolling, player always uses PhysX. Hit units can immediately receive 1st aid.
[HUD 1.63] Altitude display changes from ASL to AGL when in aircraft.
[RADIO 1.28] Workaround for say3d command which broke in recent A3 releases, player radio is now audible again.
[SOAP 1.16] Distant sirens will sound during and after firefights in denser urban areas.

[CARS 1.54] Additional code to prevent cars from getting too close to players.
[CORE 1.38] Replaced inadvertently removed Greek house classes.
[SOAP 1.15] Added Eastern European / Russian ambience, and "tower of babel" polyglot ambience combining all ambient sounds and music. Improved automatic detection and assignment of correct regional sounds for many maps.

[ANIMALS 1.37] Animals will not spawn if it's raining too heavily. Clucking noises added to ambient chickens. Dog and cat noises are now local to each player in MP.
[CORE 1.37, FOG 1.53] Added N'Djenahoud and Malden to region and climate list.
[FIREFLIES 1.04] Randomised directions of spawned insects.
[FURNITURE 1.05] Malden furnished buildings added.
[PUDDLES 1.02] Option to use BIS decal puddles introduced with Malden DLC.
[SOAP 1.29] Added French ambience and music to Malden.

[CORE 1.36, FOG 1.52] Bushlurker's Island 51 added to region and climate list.
[FIREFLIES 1.03] Buzzing houseflies will gradually build up around dead bodies, and will occasionally buzz around the player's ears. Mosquitos will sporadically hum around the player on still nights.
[SOAP 1.12] Adjusted volume of ambient house noise. Fixed issue where Greek ambience was playing in addition to Mid East Ambience on Mid East maps.

[BLEEDOUT 1.30] Reduced incidence of units remaining stuck on their bellies.
[CORE 1.35, FOG 1.51] Added Carraigdubh to region and climate list.
[CROWD 1.06] Civs will no longer spawn in mid air on hilly terrain.
[RAINFX 1.15] Increased size/visibility of surface droplet fx.

[BLEEDOUT 1.29] Fixed undefined variable error in MP.
[CORE 1.34, FOG 1.50] Added Abramia, Lingor and Dingor to region and climate list.
[RADIO 1.27] Fixed missing radio sound error.

[CORE 1.33, FOG 1.49] Added BSOC_Brasil to region and climate list.
[CARS 1.53] Vehicle waypoints will not be set near player.
[HUD 1.62] tpw_hud_active = true/false will properly enable/disable all HUD functions.
[SKIRMISH 1.39] Fixed stupid undefined variable error if TPW CARS was not running. Vehicle waypoints will not be set near player.
[SOAP 1.11] Added additional house ambience -you'll occasionally hear taps, thuds, banging and clanging, footsteps etc emanating from nearby houses. Slightly increased music volume. Adjusted house scanning code to work on any maps utilising Apex houses.

[CARS 1.52, SKIRMISH 1.38] All civilian cars will stop is there is gunfire around the player. Player vehicles can now flatten footbound units. Units should no longer briefly disappear when nearby cars are shot at. Collision removal may now be disabled by setting the variables tpw_car_nocollision = false and tpw_skirmish_nocollision = false.
[CIVS 1.52] "Chimp walking" civilians stuck in crouch walk will be removed. Civilian interaction is now disabled by default in the HPP.
[CORE 1.32] Added support for CUP civilians on European/Greek maps, and appropriate support for CUP Takistani / CUP African civilians if using Autigergrad's Takistani Civilians for CUP / African Factions for CUP respectively.
[FURNITURE 1.04] Added furniture template for Tanoa "Land_House_Small_05_F". Improved random template selection code, additional fuel station templates provided by Savage_Donkey.
[HUD 1.61] Optimised unit scanning code. Unit/marker scanning may be toggled using CTRL-ALT-U.
[SKIRMISH 1.38] Fixed sporadic undefined variable errors.
[SOAP 1.10] Additional Tanoan crowd ambience, many thanks to Autigergrad for offering me these samples.

[CORE 1.31, FOG 1.48] Added Isla Duala to region and climate lists.
[CARS 1.51] Improved vehicle collision disabling code: massively reduced chance of player and nearby AI being mown down by vehicles.
[CROWD 1.05] Fixed sporadic undefined variable errors.
[FURNITURE 1.03] Support for randomised furniture templates for each house: each now can now assigned a random furniture template from a list of templates, and will continue to use this template for the duration of a play session. No new templates are provided yet though!
[SKIRMISH 1.37] Spawned infantry squads will move towards the general vicinity of the nearest enemy infantry squads. Refactored support calling code for reduced CPU hit. General code cleanup and optimisations.

[FOG 1.47] Code optimisations.
[RAINFX 1.14] Particle based raindrop splashes on most exposed surfaces, not just ground. Optimised goggle drop fx. Optimised vehicle windscreen raindrop fx, should work in a wider range of vehicles, not just cars.

[FOG 1.46] Rain induced fog will clear properly when rain stops. Complete overhaul of snow functionality: snow will not fall through cover (buildings, trees etc) but continue falling outside it; snow goggle fx; snow fx in vehicles.
[HUD 1.60] HUD will no longer display icons for units/vehicles hidden by hideobject.
[RAINFX 1.13] Optimised ground droplet code.

[AIR 1.32, ANIMALS 1.36, BOATS 1.33, CARS 1.50, CIVS 1.51, CROWD 1.04, SKIRMISH 1.36] Improved despawning of units to prevent glitches related to the updated createunit command in build 1.67. Reduced incidence of close crowd civs despawning in front of the player.
[FURNITURE 1.02] Improved furniture despawning.
[RAINFX 1.12] Fixed bug where rain droplet fx occasionally persisted after rain stopped / player under cover. Ground raindrop fx now use miniature reflective puddle objects rather than refractive particles.

[CORE 1.30] Additional Tanoan buildings added to habitable building list
[FURNITURE 1.01] Furniture added to Altis/Stratis buildings. Fixed a few dodgy Tanoan object placement issues.

[CORE 1.29, FOG 1.45] Xcam_Taunus added to region and climate lists.
[FURNITURE 1.00] *NEW* Ambient furniture in enterable Tanoan houses and buildings. Stratis/Altis coming soon.

[CIVS 1.50, CROWD 1.03, CORE 1.28] Maxjoiner's female civilians will be used (only on Greek and European maps at present), if the mod is active. Approx 50% fewer civs will wear headgear.
[FIREFLIES 1.01] Fixed to display firefly lightpoints correctly when running the 64 bit exe.
[PUDDLE 1.01] Fixed issues with CUP Terrains and no entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgmodels.default' messages. Previous workarounds involving binarisation caused bad texture and RVMat issues.
[SOAP 1.09] Improved relationship between wind strength and shutter rattling in houses

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