Author: Gunter Severloh
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Requirements: COSLX - Arma2CO SLX, COSLX Patch #1

Version: 2.6
Signed: No

Short description: This patch will update your COSLX to v 2.6

Date: 2013-09-19 22:30

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COSLX Patch #2

G√ľnter Severloh

In version 2.6 of COSLX SLX_Wounds File has been updated, the following things have been done:
  • Self Bandage:
      when you get wounded and the option for a bandage show in your action menu, once clicked your
      character will go into an animation as if bandage himself. In previous versions applying the bandage took 4-7 times before you were bandaged which took a considerable amount of time.
      Now with the update you only need to bandage yourself once.
  • AI gives you first aid:
      In previous versions when you were wounded where you couldn't apply your own bandage, a fellow squad member or regular Ai would come and give you first aid, before this would take some time and multiple applications, now with the update the AI only needs to do one application.
      Some times you will be so wounded that you will still require a medic so it depends on the degree of the wound.
  • No dropping of weapons:
      in original COSLX when an enemy Ai or squad mate was killed they would drop their weapons.
      This proved to be a challenge as it was a hit or miss whether you can grab the weapon accurately.
      Orcinus a member of BIS forum and community, created an update and named it ORC_Wounds, in his update he updated the script in the SLX_Wounds file to the AI from dropping their weapons.

      In the v 2.6 update i have taken those changes and applied them to SLX_wounds, so now you dont need an separate file.
      Lastly when enemy or friendly AI get killed their weapons and ammo are on their gear like in the vanilla game, nothing missing and everything available.
  • No Flies:
      No flies is turning off the flies sound you hear when dead bodies are lying around.
      In previous version of COSLX after killing some enemies, a sound of flies can be heard around the bodies after so much time, in the 2.6 update this sound is turned off.
  • Loading screen:
      COSLX now has a loading screen, that will be seen apon starting of Arma2CO with COSLX running.

Move the following files to your main Arma2 Directory same folder as the Arma2oa.exe

Included files:

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Change log:
- Self Banadage
- AI gives you first aid
- No dropping of weapons
- No Flies
- COSLX Loading screen

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- BI forums

- COSLX Patch #1

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