ArmA on Czech No. 1 Position
ArmA hitting Czech No. 1 Position!

13 Nov 2006 - We're delighted to announce that ArmA:Armed Assault is available in stores all around the Czech Republic and reports from prominent online stores and (X) indicate that it's their Number 1 best selling game.

And we have some really great footage to show why Armed Assault is a big hit!!

Arma ruines 1
Made by [uTw]
261 MB!!!

Arma ruines 2
Again made by [uTw]
137 MB!!!

Arma ruines 3
Again made by [uTw]
137 MB!!!

A video letting you hear the
bullet sounds of Arma.
Made by Shadak
3.27 MB

Download those 4 new videos from our Video section.
To watch those movies you need to have the latest version of FRAPS.
We are sorry for that, but we didnt make the videos.
Download the latest version here.

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Written on 2006-11-13 22:44 by Foxhound  

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