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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.062

Date: 2014-01-11 07:37

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Endless Survival


Endless Survival (ES) is a mission that revolves around the multi-faceted goal of surviving a virtually infinite onslaught all the while trying to seize capture points. The premise and story are simple, as Endless Survival shines on making your own story and memories with the mission's playground. You play as a soldier in one of three of ArmA 3's factions, as your army strives for control of Altis. Both BLUFOR and OPFOR have brought the fleet so to speak (Meaning that they have additional AI reinforcements moving through the island). While INDEPENDENT, lacking the resources must rely on sheer, player-controlled might to win. This may sound unfair, and it is to a point, but war in itself isn't fair. Luckily, we can keep it in a game and out of the backyard.

ES is, at its core, CTI (Capture The Island), with elements of raw PVP and COOP sprinkled on top. The system behind the AI that allows them to capture towns, and always hunt players regardless of faction (OPFOR is hunted by BLUFOR AI, BLUFOR is hunted by OPFOR AI, and INDEPENDENT is hunted by both BLUFOR and OPFOR AI) has been crafted from the ground up, enabling and extreme amount of control over how they behave. What this enables is a dynamic system where the fight will always come to you, and that peace never lasts long. It helps to keep tension high, and therefore entertainment and replayability high as well.

Endless Survival incorporates a number of features, in-house, custom, third-party, and first-party. A simple list is provided here for a point of reference, and will attempt to cover all the major ones.

  • Custom AI – The very core of ES is it's Custom AI script, that enables them to actively track and engage players regardless of where they are, and capture towns to generate points for their faction.
  • Shop System – Known simply as the Black Market, the Shop System has been crafted in house to fit the specific needs of ES, and is update and addon friendly. The shop allows players to both buy and sell weapons, while there is a constant Markup and Resale value that goes across the island randomly. This adds another layer of strategy to the mix, as it could be the perfect time to buy that assault chopper when Markup is low, and hit factions hard when it's high as they won't be able to resupply as easily.
  • Persistency – Using INIDB, ES allows veteran players to keep their score, money, position, damage, gear, and other little tidbits of important info on the server, so that they can enjoy the rewards of repeated play. (Note: This requires hosters/servers to be running @iniDB, a simple addon that requires no setup)
  • Rank System – A relatively new, in house system created to provide another layer of rewards to long time players. The Rank System provides faction specific insignias, pay grades, and abilities to players for kills and captures. (The abilities system is WIP, everything else is implemented).
  • INS Revive – This third-party script suite provides the backbone of respawn/revive to ES, and allows other great and toggleable features like the UAV Recon and Grass/View Distance adjustments.
  • Parameters – A mainstay of any decent mission, ES is Parameter friendly, and allows almost every single aspect of the mission to be tweaked to your liking. AI wait time? INS Revive Time? Shop Prices? All of that and more can be changed.
  • Faction Uniqueness - Like a certain side over the other? Pick carefully! Each side ranks up and receives money in varying ways and amounts!

  • Objectives:
    The objectives in ES are generally pretty simple. Capture Points of Interest (Towns, Camps, Strategic Positions), and generate points for your team to hit the required point limit as set in the Mission Parameters. Side Missions were implemented in earlier versions, and will be brought back again, once more work is done.

    Other than that, your own personal objectives can vary. Do you horde your wealth for yourself, or buy APCs for the entire team? Defender or Attacker? It's all up to you. While ES does have it's main objective, how you reach it, and the memory and stories you create with your friends and enemies is entirely up to you.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Mission How-To's:
    This section is meant to provide a kind of cheat-sheet and at-first-glance look at the basics of ES. This entire readme assumes that you have at least some FPS experience if not OFP/ArmA experience.

    – Play: To play ES is simple. Pick a team, capture points, damage and kill enemies to make money, buy better gear at the Black Market Camps and Shops. It really is that simple. There are a few deeper details however, that can be helpful in making your experience more enjoyable. For example, in your Action Menu, you'll find a new action called: “User Settings”. Activating this will bring up a menu that will provide the means to transfer money to other players, and a lot of various other functions, like access to the Squad Menu for joining and squading up with others on your faction, the UAV recon, View Distance and Grass Detail settings found under the General Settings. Lots of useful things that shouldn't be overlooked.

    – Capture: To capture Points of Interest in ES, you must locate the Flag Pole, generally found in the center of circle on the map, and run up to it, activating the new action that comes up: “Capture”. This will force you into a vulnerable state as you convert the territory for your faction, so make sure to have some allies covering your back. Upon capture everyone on your team will be rewarded with some cold hard cash, and you and those that helped in the immediate vicinity will receive some Objective Points, as used by the Rank System.

    – Make Money: There are a multitude of ways to make money in ES. First and foremost, killing enemy combatants and vehicles. Or doing enough damage to them will also generate some money for you. Capturing Points of Interest. Selling gear at the Black Market. Or you can get creative, and try to barter with other players. If they're feeling nice.

    – Use Shops: To use the Black Market, you must first locate a Black Market vendor. They can generally be found in their camps, or in less concentrated areas, a few brave vendors can be found at some Points of Interest and out in the wild. Upon finding one, looking at them will provide you with an action such as “Black Market – Cars”. Activating will bring you the Car Buying Menu, where you can purchase various light vehicles. This goes for all other vehicles, each with their own vendor such as Light Armor or Helicopters. As well as a Uniform Vendor who sells Uniforms, Vests, Rucks, Eyewear, and Helmets. There are others, whom you'll just have to discover on your own.

    – Rank Up: The last thing I'd like to cover here is the Rank System. It has been made to provide another layer to ES' already wonderful gameplay. Your rank is based on two factors. Kill Score, and Objective Score. You gain Kill Score when killing enemy combatants and vehicles. While you get Objective Score for capturing or helping to capture (I.E. Being in the vicinity and covering the capturer). These two scores weigh into two different types of ranks. General Ranks, and Technical Ranks. A player who only has kill score can make it pretty far up the rank chain, but will never see the max rank. As the last officer ranks all require you to be helping to capture as well. Also, there are sections of Technical Ranks to help ranking up easier. So it is in your best interest to do both kill and capture.

  • No longer requires an addon - new weapon/stat loading system
  • The stats are now CLIENT SIDE. This means stats will carry to any server
  • Optimized many scripts to run faster. Should increase server/client FPS
  • Moved certain flags around to make it easier for AI to capture
  • Many Optimizations
  • Added manual save button. Under the second tab in Settings.
  • Fixed AI spawning in water. If AI spawn in water, they will be diver units instead
  • Delayed players loading too quickly into the mission
  • AI will not spawn on that little spawn island
  • A lot of other little things I have forgotten...mostly bug fixes.

  • v1.04
  • Added: Added a new HALO drop ability that requires skill 0 - so players don't have to walk miles.
  • Added: Resistance now have the option to hire mercenaries to help capture towns/fight other AI
  • Added: Added new ability to summon a shop once high enough level. This shop expires after awhile.
  • Fixed Players would not rank up correctly in-game once they died
  • Fixed AI would stop hunting players after awhile
  • Tweaked: AI Numbers to increase server FPS
  • Tweaked: Optimized several scripts
  • Tweaked: Slowed down player loading to hopefully help with issues of players not loading at all.

  • v1.03
  • Tweaked: Loading system is now executed through an addaction so players should be more reliably spawned in. This has not been tested extensively. THIS WILL NOT FIX ALREADY BUGGED SPAWN POINTS. YOU WILL NEED TO CLEAR YOUR INIDB CACHE OR FIX THE AFFECTED PLAYERS
  • Fixed: Improved AI commander ability to actually pick real units/places.
  • Fixed: Some of the abilities did not inform you about their cool down when attempting
  • Tweaked: Adjusted AI skill levels to reflect changes

  • v1.02
  • Fixed: infinite watches spawning in players inventory
  • Fixed: players loosing maps/items when dying
  • Fixed: Removed consumer due to possibility to bug money to show ANY
  • Added: Commander to give 'side-objectives'. This gives a sense of direction for players as well as constant objectives.
  • Tweaked: Tweaked AI to be slightly more efficient.

  • v1.01
  • Fixed a bug where flag pole would become uncaptureable if a unit died while capping them.
  • Turned down amount of AA infantry
  • Fixed bug with Shop markers repeating themselves
  • Fixed (hopefully) a couple of bugs that would show on players screens and be really annoying at the start of a mission
  • Optimized a few scripts for MP purposes
  • Re-compiled map with new ArmA patch - possible fix to some A3 missing errors
  • Added a parameter for capturing entire island as goal
  • Added more capture point options in parameters

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