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Date: 2007-11-08 23:03

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Sharper Recoil

This is the signed version!

This pack includes two pbo's:
      As many of you may have noticed BIS recoils are a bit weird. Apart from being slow (BIS recoil starts after the shot) there is also some strange movement of the gun after the recoil itself. It quickly moves down and then up again, probably trying to simulate rezeroing. What I did was 1)Start the recoil the moment the shot starts, 2)Get rid of the barrel dive (almost to zero) and 3) Make the overall recoil cycle shorter. I liked the result and decided to share the stuff with the community. I would appreciate any constructive feedback to further improve this little mod.
      Realistic rates of fire for small arms.
1 Unzip
2 Copy Q11Real_ROF.pbo and Q11_Recoils.pbo
3 Open your ArmA/Addons directory
4 Paste

Or, as we always recommend, use a mod folder to activate this addon when you want and to keep your arma install clean.
If you dont know how to use mod folders have a look at our FAQ.

Included files:

This addon is signed. Server admins can get the key from

Multiplayer considerations:
I tested it in MP with no issues whatsoever. Regarding balance (My recoils vs BIS recoils): I was very careful as not to create too arcadish a recoil. With each single shot the barrel slightly climbs up, which is not important at close ranges, but requires the shooter to manually recenter the sights on medium and far distances. Full auto controlability is almost equal to vanilla game (slightly harder i'd say). Therefore, though this mod allows for slightly faster consecutive single shots, i believe it doesn't give the user too big an advantage over the player without the mod.

- Affected weapons: All small arms, from pistols to mg's and 50 cal sniper rifles. Also tweaked GL and M136/RPG-7.
- Separate recoilProne for assault rifles with less muzzleclimb.
- New recoil patterns for M24 and SVD (they use assault rifle recoil in vanilla game), including new prone recoil.

All M16A2 - 800 rpm instead of 400
All M16A4 - 800 rpm instead of 666.7
All M4 - 800 rpm instead of 666.7
All G36 - 750 instead of 600
AKS-74U((N) - 700 instead of 600
MP5(SD) - 800 instead of 600

- Tweaked recoils for assault rifles, SMG, sniper rifles, GL

- Fixed class inheritance error(Thanks Q)
- Changed reloadtimes to compensate for FPS dependency (blame ArmA engine). (Thanks General Barron, NWD, sdoc and others for pointing this out). New rates of fire are as follows:
AK-74 - 631 rpm @ >60 FPS
AKS-74U - 731 rpm @ >60 FPS
M16/M4 - 845 rpm @ >60 FPS
G36 - 780 rpm @ >60 FPS
MP5 - 845 rpm @ >60 FPS

The rates of fire at 30-40 FPS still can be lower than official values, but I just didn't want to make ROF's too high for people with high FPS.
The "uncompensated" version of Q11_RealROF.pbo is also included, place it in the Addons folder replacing the existing one.

- To all who post their feedback in this addon's thread on BI forums.
- To BIS for this engine,wonderful and nasty at the same time

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