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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base Addons, Operation Frenchpoint
Island(s): Chernarus, Everon, Fallujah, Isla Duala, Island Panthera, Lingor Island, Quesh-kibrul, Sahrani, Sahrani Lite, Takistan, [ADO] Tropica, Utes, [ADO] Yapal, Zargabad
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.02 & 2.04

Date: 2013-09-30 06:40

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OFrP Warfare - Benny & TigerForce Edition

Benny and TigerForce

Based on Warfares Benny Edition, you will, alone or in teams, capture all designated targets to win. Secondary missions are also available. Unlike conventional Warfares, the U.S. Army has been replaced by the French Army, as well as by French warfares buildings. The Warfare is limited to 32 players, 16 by team (West / East), but may as well be played in SinglePlayer with AI.

Languages Available:
- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Russian

Put the PBO file in:
C/Programmes/Bohemia Interactive/ArmA 2/MPMissions.
The Warfares 2.0 or higher work LAN and on dedicated server.
To be able to play on LAN, you need to go to multiplayer and host a new mission menu, then select the map, the Warfare, and options.
Then choose whether you want to play alone or with others. There may be 16 players max per team.

Play in Singleplayer:
Warning, the Warfares were not designed to operate via the SinglePlayer menu.
To play alone, you must put the missions in MPMissions folder.
Then you need to start the game, click Multiplayer, then New
Once on the menu Creating a game, you can change the Name, you must set the max number of players on one, and put a password. Finally, select Internet preferably, but you can also choose LAN. It is advisable to click on Internet. Click on OK.
Then you get a menu, in which you define the level of difficulty, the island (the map) and Mission (one of Warfares). Finally, click OK.
Now you choose your man, and can start the mission.

What are the differences between a Warfare v1.02 and v2.04?:
The unit before the decimal refers to the structure of the Warfare.
Versions 2.04 have very recent structures adopted only in Warfare BE 2.073 and 2.074, and are therefore more ergonomic for servers.
Versions 2.04 are playable on LAN.

Bug report:
For bug report, please specify the Map, the version of the mission and addons activated while playing. I will only take into account the feedbacks given on the BI Forums Thread or on CFr-ArmA thread.

It is recommended to use Warfares on a dedicated server and avoid the LAN because some features may not function properly.
This is also the case for the original Warfares of Benny.
Best as an alternative to a LAN is to set Internet as host and lock with a password.


Credits & thanks:
- Benny for his permission to adapt Warfare and his support.
And for the record, the biggest creator of Warfare on ArmA 2 is French. :cool:
You will find his Warfares here.
- All Island-makers.
- All players who gave me and provide feedbacks and specially Loupvert.

Forum topic:
- BI Forums
- CFr-ArmA

- Arma 2
- Community Base Addons
- Operation Frenchpoint
- Everon (Optional)
- Fallujah (Optional)
- Isla Duala (Optional)
- Island Panthera (Optional)
- Lingor Island (Optional)
- Quesh-kibrul (Optional)
- CAA1 project (Optional)
- [ADO] Tropica (Optional)
- [ADO] Yapal (Optional)

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