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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.5

Date: 2014-05-28 06:38

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The Great Altis Highway Race


Your mission is simple, you must race from one end of Altis to the other. Starting just south of Kavala, you will race along the entire length of the map utilising the main highway road all the way to the finish line at Molos. This is a multiplayer mission only, there are no AI to race against. So the more people you have the better up to a maximum of 10 players (+4 for race spectating). Flags along the route mark hazardous corners or checkpoints where you can pick up a fresh, undamaged car should you wreck the one you were driving. All players can repair their cars to a certain point, but your maximum speed will be severely reduced.

You have no weapons, but you are free to do whatever you can to win or to implement your own rules for the race.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

  • New Features:
      * - OPFOR controlled AH-9 attack helicopters have been added in! Though this feature is disabled by default (see parameters), I felt some extra incentive to drive fast would help spice the mission up a bit. They are spawned around the course and will attack and chase any racer they see. There's only four of them, so don't worry about being swarmed by them. Remember at top speeds your car can easily outrun the AH-9.
      * - Parameter added to enable/disable the OPFOR controlled AH-9 attack helicopters. (Disabled by default)
      * - Parameter added to enable/disable all civilian traffic (Enabled by default)
      * - Parameter added which locks the player to first person only in a vehicle (Enabled by default)
      * - New repair script added.
      * - Parameter added which modifies the repair variable to your car. Each variable will affect the maximum top speed of your car should you damage and then have to repair it.
  • Other changes:
      * - Player Limit increased from 10 to 14 race slots.
      * - Additional starting weather parameters, changed Fog and split it into Light, Moderate or Dense Fog. Good luck racing in dense fog =D
      * - Default starting weather changed from Random to Clear. Though i'd prefer to keep it on random, some people may not be prepared for dense fog racing on their first time =D
      * - All lights that spawn for night time racing have been reworked. Checkpoints should look alot prettier and far better lit now, orange glow from warning flags is better and several red lights added to various barriers or other obsticles you need to avoid.
      * - Additional barriers added at various points along the course to help keep the player on track (or crash and die horribly).
      * - A pair of asthetic A-164 Wipeouts will fly over and around Kavala during the start of the race. (note they will not engage the OPFOR helos if you enable them)
      * - Opening text and briefing texts have been rewritten to reflect recent changes.
  • Fixes:
      * - Civilian traffic should (hopefully) work properly. Sometimes the triggers would not fire and the traffic would simply sit there creating annoying obsticles. Please let me know if this still happens.
      * - Civilian traffic will now turn their lights on at night.
      * - Initial spawn loadout when you first join the game. Sometimes would not spawn properly and prevented you from repairing your car until you respawned.

  • v1.4
  • Added two startup parameters when you first host the mission (Select Parameter at the top right in lobby):
      Set Weather (random weather script by Meatball): Select from clear, overcast, rain, fog or random - Default setting is Random!
      Set Time: Set what time of the day you wish to race in - Default setting 10am.
  • Barriers put in place at a couple of sharp turns where players would tend to go off course without realising. Instead of just sailing through, you will instead likely end up crashing and exploding at high speed =D
  • Removed changing to night time via the laptop at the start of the race. Redundant with the new startup parameter.
  • Fixed respawn system finally working again as intended. You will once again respawn at the appropriate checkpoint as each player passes it.

  • v1.3
  • Checkpoint Respawn added - Every time you pass a checkpoint, your respawn point will be moved to that checkpoint. If you die before you reach the first checkpoint, then you will respawn at the beginning of the race. With thanks to Kylania for the code to make this work!
  • Civilian spawn points moved away from the race start to another location.

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