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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-11-04 00:37

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AT Airweapons
NeoArmageddon, Mondkalb

The "AT AirWeapons" contains a MK-77 delivered by AV-8 and A-10 and a MK-20 Rockeye delivered by A-10.

    The MK-77 is a canister containing flamable agents (Napthalin, Phosphor, Kerosin) which ignites on impact and destroys this way large areas. It's used by USAF in Iraq War III.
      -Realistic detonation
      -Ignites units
      -Burns the ground
      -Destroys vegetation and buildings
      -Leaves ashe
      -Smoke and fire blocks AI's view
MK-20 Rockeye:
    The MK-20 Rockeye is a Cluster bomb which releases after being dropped 247 socalled Bomblets (Submunitions) and causes damage to large areas. The MK-20 was created for busting tank formations. But some bomblets don't detoate and work like mines.
      -MK-20 splits after 3.5 seconds above 330ft in many small bomblets
      -MK-20 is unarmed when releasing under 300ft and will hit the ground (Don't come too near, then)
      -Bomb is splitting into two halfes
      -Effective dammageradius between 20 and 600 Meters
      -Some Bomblets stay and become landmines
      -This addon is fully working in Multiplayer
      -Working Damaging; Persons inside the Napalm will start burning and get killed
Extract AT_Napalm to your Armed Assault addon folder
You can find the AV8(Mk77) and the A10(Mk77) under Blufor->Air

Included files:


Old version:

The MK77 should be multiplayercompitable
You can't attach the MK77 to other vehicles and you can't create them with "createvehcile".

Known Bugs:
-The Napalm isn't fusing in some cases
-Some effects look bigger than they are
-Often vegetation don't gets drestroyed
-Some Bomblets explode to early

We thank Scruffy, Freshman, XT and Name_ist_Nicht for their absence
Alex.Sworn for mathematic helps
Special thanks to Mapfact for their systom to destroy Vegetaion and for developing a working aircraft config with custom weapons.

NeoArmageddon made the hard work, he created the scripts, drop effects and made everything working in multiplayer.
Mondkalb made the MK-77 Model and sounds.

This addon is an unofficial addon for the game 'Armed Assault' by Bohemia Interactive Studio.
You use this inofficial addon at your own risk. Using the scripts for own missions or reworking this addon is not allowed without permission of the respective owners (NeoArmageddon, Mondkalb).
Commercial distribution or use of this unofficial addon is strictly prohibited. All rights are reserved to their respective owners.

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