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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.4.1

Short description: This script allows you to spawn in vehicles with a simple to use GUI menu.

Date: 2015-09-20 19:42

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Virtual Vehicle Spawner


Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS) is what the title says. It is similar to Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) but this allows you to spawn in vehicles with a simple to use GUI menu. VVS is something that a lot of Armory missions could benefit from and possibly other missions. This was requested by quite a bit of people and after chucking what I did 3 weeks ago I did this in 4 hours.

Installation / Usage:
Place the following in your description.ext:
#include "VVS\menu.h"
class CfgFunctions
	#include "VVS\Functions.h"
If you already have class CfgFunctions in your description.ext then just place: #include "VVS\Functions.h" within the {}

The final part before having VVS installed in your mission is a bit more tricky then what VAS was, VVS requires two things for a vehicle depot and that is a AI/NPC/Object placed on the map and with that a marker (I use markers to spawn vehicles) placed near him and facing the direction you want the vehicle to spawn in, as an example my marker is called VVS_all_1 so my addAction will look this:
this addAction["Virtual Vehicle Spawner",VVS_fnc_openVVS,["VVS_all_1","All"]];
Two things to note:
VVS_all_1 is my marker that I placed on the map that my vehicle will spawn on.
All is a filter type I am using, All lists all vehicles.

Supported filters:
Submarine (This is SDV's, will later be merged into Ship).

You can create as many VVS vendors / spawn points as you want and each one giving out a set of vehicle types. The rest (optional) configuration options are available in the configuration.sqf file, please read the notes and sorry for the lack of real configuration and customization with vehicles but I just really wanted to fool with Multi-column list boxes and hear peoples feedback! If you are confused with the installation it is highly recommended to open the example mission provided in the editor and see how I setup my vehicle depots!

RHS vehicle classes attached to next VVS vehicle spawn classes:
- vanilla Car;
- rhs_vehclass_car;
- rhs_vehclass_truck;
- vanilla Air;
- rhs_vehclass_aircraft;
- rhs_vehclass_helicopter;
- vanilla Ship;
- vanilla Submarine;
- vanilla Armored;
- rhs_vehclass_tank;
- rhs_vehclass_apc;
- rhs_vehclass_ifv;
- rhs_vehclass_artillery.
- vanilla Autonomous;
- rhs_vehclass_aa.
- vanilla SUPPORT;
- rhs_vehclass_targeting;
- rhs_vehclass_launcher;
- rhs_vehclass_radar;

To add custom vehicle class (vehicle should be in cfgVehicles anyway) now it's enough to edit only two strings:
1) first of all add your class to the end of allowed vehicle classes array at the end of string 63.
2) now add your class to one of the subclasses array at string 77 (for cars) or 80 (for ships) or 83 (air) or 86 (armored) or 89 (autonomous) or 92 (support).
3) done.

Version 1.0 is the first initial release so no localization support & limited configurability.

Off record notes:
Please supply feedback on this, I wanted to add more customization options for vehicles like setting skins/textures, removing doors on things like offroad and some more but I sort of made this in less then 4-5 hours just to test Multi-column listboxes. The GUI it's self is subjected to change in the future if people show interest in having those types of features.

Credits & Thanks:
def created version 0.4

- Updated BuildCFG function: now it's pretty simple to add support of your own vehicle class / vehicles from mods;
- Updated example map (now it's ready for multiplayer);
- Submarines at now is a subclass of ships;

v0.4 (version made by def)
New version compaitable with RHS but also works without it.
I closed one little bug (CargoCheck.colorDisable variable created).

- Changed: Updated GUI resources for new patch.

- Added: Support for Autonomous vehicles and 'Support' Vehicles i.e Hemt Ammo
- Fixed: Some vehicles such as helicopters shouldn't explode when being spawned.

- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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